COMMENTARY: Partial Withdrawal of US Troops from Iraq

Prior to June 15, this year, The United Nations authorized the stay of the US led coalition forces in Iraq only up to December 31, 2007. In addition, the UN authorized a review of the mandate on June 15.

On June 2007, the UN declared: "As requested by the government of Iraq ... the members of the council agreed upon the continuation of the mandate."

It must be noted that even Russia, supported the extension.

Back in the US, there is strong clamor for the withdrawal of the US troops. Based on what the media has been showing, my impression is that people are demanding a withdrawal because of the US troops growing casualty list, a matter that in my opinion is attributed to strategic errors made by the US. It is a good thing that the US President, despite his unpopularity strongly stands for an extension and even strengthened the troops’ presence. But yesterday, he announced a withdrawal of 21,800 troops by next summer.

While I have previously posted my strong opposition to an early withdrawal of the US troops from Iraq ("You invaded it, you fix it!"), I believe that it is time to show the Iraqi government and its people that they have to get their acts together and handle their country’s affairs. Iraq is after all, their land. What made me revise an earlier position is my perception that the Iraqi government is not that serious in doing its role to rebuild a devastated country. This was made very glaring when their Congress’ strong position to declare a month long holiday while the country continues to be ravaged by widespread criminality, sectarian and terrorist violence. They even had the gall to call criticisms to their plan an "Interference".

This site believes in self determination of the Iraqi’s and echoes the call of its Foreign Minister when he declared:
“No Iraqi government official - indeed, no Iraqi citizen - wants the presence of foreign troops on Iraqi soil one day longer than is vitally necessary.”

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