Pull out of Iraq? No way, Jose!

During the Desert storm, I remember reading about somebody being quoted, "If we invade Iraq, we will own it...". The statement was uttered in the context that the US will inherit not just additional acres of real property but rather, the responsibilities attached to governing a country that is heavily damaged by war and years of oppression.

When the US invaded Iraq a few years ago, they should have had that in mind. Now, they have deposed of Saddam Hussien but the economy is ruined and the country is being destroyed by sectarian violence. Worse, there is no reliable local police, armed forces and government, at this point.

So what are all these talk about a pullout? Right or wrong, the Americans supported the declaration of war against Iraq. Now that the post war casualty seems to be getting much larger than initially projected, most Americans seem to be wanting to pull out.

Why will you want to do that? Are you done taking what you wanted?

I strongly believe that a pullout is not an option, at this point. If the US wants to leave now, it should restore Iraq to its former shape and pay for all the property damaged and lives lost. Then they should apologize.

Iraq, at this point, is in much worse condition than before the US invaded it.

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