Looking at the company’s online computer stores, I noticed with much glee that DELL remains loyal to a formula that made it the customers’ delight.

The company’s success story started when Michael Dell started customizing personal computers for the end users. With his style, the customers got to pick the features that were appropriate to their needs at optimal prices. Based on what I saw in the company's web pages, I can say that DELL continues the tradition of offering personalized computers at low cost.

One’s visit to the website will reveal that a buyer is actually guided through a process that allows him to intelligently assemble the computer of his choice. In the end, the end user will get the feeling of having bought a customized personal equipment at the price of cheap computers. What a fine way to make a purchase.

While the endorsement is honest and something that and done without the need for anything, this site would like to thank Dell Computers for sponsoring this post.

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