Poor Ashley Dupree

The trend has become too common. Madam's and hookers causes breakups and career downfalls, tells all, makes a lot of money and lives happily ever after. Well, this lady is not that lucky, at least for now.

Ashley Dupree (pls read my past posts) was recently offered a million dollars by both "Girls Gone Wild" and "Penthouse" for her nude poses and probably, a tell all. However, The former withdrew its offer after finding a young Dupree in its archives. Girls Gone Wild now intends to make money without the $1 million in talent fees. It hasn't been reported if Penthouse will do the same.

The Chinese likes to say that where there is diversity, there is opportunity. It’s probably wise for this young lady to capitalize on her popularity but doing things cleanly. The process should start with seriously considering alcohol and/or drug rehab. Her Girls Gone Wild videos make suspect the need for some cleansing. Other than that, she can reopen that MySpace account and put back that $0.99 /download song. If it gave her $200,000 within a few days, she can probably make a cool million from it. That should be enough for a new beginning.

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