Hillary, You lied... Hahahaha!

I have repeatedly observed that politicians, when confronted by overwhelming opposition, tries to create foreign enemies that their people can unite against, with them leading the fight. Thaksin (sounds like taksil –traitor) and Abe did it. Hillary Clinton is now on her second attempt.

Very unsure at the possible ending of her battle against Obama, she first tried to get more brownie points by talking against outsourcing. As we all know, the lazy and the mediocre (there's a lot of them) are blaming the outsourcing policy of a lot of companies for their being unemployed. Very recently, she portrayed herself as an action hero dodging sniper fire in Bosnia. A video file of the event showed that there was absolutely no such thing that ever occurred. I doubt if there was ever one in her entire term as a first lady.

Dodging grass as a 70’s hippe, maybe.. but never was she centered in the crosshairs of a rifle. Give credit to snipers. They trained long and hard to earn their statuses as hit men.

Even with eyes closed, even I will never miss those big eyes.

Anyway, the Hillary stunt reminds me of a Philippine politician who boldly made a declaration but when confronted by the press said, “I lied, Hahahaha!”

Hillary, contrary to your excuse, you were never mistaken. Nobody ever forgets the details of a life and death experience.

You lied, plain and simple. Just like your husband who declared that he never had sex with Monica… What was his explanation again? Whew!

What a minute.. was it an NGRI* moment?

NGRI*: Not Guilty for Reason of Insanity

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