A low key designer

Another friend is living well by being a designer. You wouldn’t find her name among the list of popular names in the industry such as Lhuilier, Versace, Natori and YsL because she doesn’t market her products like others do. She sells beautiful but inexpensive maternity clothes that can be ordered via the internet. Isn’t that so nice? Designs can be found in her web pages and every bored and home based mom can get herself a new dress at the click of a mouse. Wow!

Moving to another state

A friend found a new job and has to move to another state. For the meantime, he’s unable to party with his old friends since he’s preoccupied with packing everything that he had accumulated through the years. I told him the he need not be stressed out by such process and recommended that he services of a New York Moving Company. All that he will need to do is identify the things that he wants to leave behind and have the professionals take care of the rest. With so much time in his hands, he may then spend his remaining days in the state partying with us. Isn’t that the best advice ever?


With the holidays fast approaching, I decided to go on a vacation, once and for all. I’ve been working so hard these couple of years and perhaps, it is time to take a break. Starting Monday, I will be devoting much of my time preparing for the travel and the first order of the day is a term life insurance quote. It is not easy to experience any unforeseen medical condition while on travel and as soon as I get a new policy for the entire family, all that’s left are tickets and we are good to go.


Celebrities and Drug Rehab

Without anything useful for us this day, my friends and I, tried to recall the names of stars who underwent drug treatment this year. It was easy to remember Britney Spears and Lindsay Lohan for they were featured so many times on TV. Nicole Richie’s treatment was last year, so she doesn’t count.

Searching the web, we came up with Jesse Metcalfe (Desperate Housewives), Mike Tyson and Rush Limbaugh. All the other names that we found were cases of alcohol abuse and we didn’t want to write about it for we might end up the list.



Senior Life Insurance

Having a mom who’s approaching old age, and the fact that only early death can save me from getting old, this topic is something close to my heart.

People work all their lives to be able to raise a family or simply support themselves. It is quite ironic, that after having worked for so long, accomplished much and earned enough to become comfortable, they realize that a lot of things are not anymore so easy to acquire for them. Senior Life insurance, for instance, becomes so expensive and close to being unattainable as if, people are being penalized for still being alive. Well, in some states, that may be the case, but definitely in most countries, that is not the intention.

There is at least one site that features a directory of Senior Life Insurance packages that we can refer to. One beauty of this site is that it carries a number of life insurance companies that have different packages to offer to the clients. All that the client needs is to fill up a free insurance quote form and the company will determine the best company and package based on the amount of insurance needed, state of health and many other factors. The company even knows where to find insurance quotes for people who does not wish to go through an exam.

Take note of the company for your present and future needs. It’s called the Insurance and Investment Group.

Online Shopping Cart

Online presence is now a must in most businesses. If they have not, your competitors will certainly get there. If you have not, time is being wasted every second that you are offline. Prospective clients would want to get more information about their suppliers within easy reach and every second that you are not reached on the major search engines translates into a doubt on your business.

Having an online presence should immediately be followed with the installation of a capability to do business online. And for most companies, a shopping cart software is a complete necessity.

It is truly a good to know that in the field of ecommerce software, there is a company that has simplified the management and utilization of shopping cart technology, without compromising on security. Ashop ecommerce’s software is web based and user friendly making it easy for any company to utilize. With their shopping cart software, the need to hire an additional IT personnel is eliminated and the prospects of increasing the company’s sales volume more than doubles.



Rising fuels, falling real estate sales, etc., etc...

Watch today's economic news.

A top of the line theater in my house!

My brother is the coolest kid in the entire block...

He has a top of the line set up and his recent addition, A Yamaha audio receiver makes the house sound like an expensive theatre. Neighbors always want to be in my brother’s good graces and be invited to watch a movie at home. Well, how about getting a good set of home theater furniture and charge on a per seat basis. Hahaha! That would be like running my own underground, members only theater.

Quality Bargains!

If you want to avail of discounts for a lot of things, click here!

Yes, I have just given you one freebie for the week and I hope that you’d be able to use it. Just like most of you, I love bargains and being able to share life tips such as how to get a good item for lesser price is something that I very much want to do.

Putting up a Flower Shop

Where I come from, there is a place where you can get wholesale flowers. Truckloads of fresh flowers are delivered 24 x 7 and the place seems to feel fresh and smell so good. And that is despite the huge crowd of people buying stuff for their own stores. In that area, the prices are so cheap that it is not so difficult to either develop hatred for the flower shops or get the idea of putting a flower shop business yourself.

Playstation 3

There’s a little boy hiding in every man. Well, that’s what they say and maybe, there’s a bit of truth to that. Take for example the huge number of adults who are really crazy over the new playstation 3. Looking at the device myself, I realized that the designers really went through a lot in order to make the games more exciting than ever. No wonder, the game is now included in today’s list of Toys for the big boys!



Why do the babies starve
There's enough food to feed the world
Why when there're so many of us
Are there people still alone.. - Tracy Chapman, Why?

While checking my Paypal account, I saw this ad of an online marketplace that provides the opportunity for ordinary people to invest by lending in entrepreneurs, mostly women from small countries.

The entrepreneur gets the chance to earn while helping those who, before he came, had no hope..

Check the site by clicking on the Micro Place Button (below)


CHANGE: It's the only thing that permanent

There is a saying that the only permanent thing in this world is change. Such a saying is true, most especially nowadays with technology changing the world faster than people are able to adapt to it. During my days in the telecom engineering industry, cat 3 and eventually, CAT5 cable was the fad. Today, Cat5E, which is a number of leaps better than CAT 5, is the norm. And to make things more wonderful, access to this wonderful hardware very easy for the household consumer.

There are so many things that change so fast. The best that we can do is try to Cope with it, as fast as we can


US economy seems headed towards recession

"I think that the risk of a recession is greater than people realize," James Dunne, chief executive of Sandler O'Neil & Partners, said at the Reuters Finance Summit in New York.

With home prices dropping, more people about to lose their homes due to unaffordable mortgages and sharply higher oil prices, the economy could be on the brink of slowing down, they said.

"I think there is a serious risk to the economy," Howard Lutnick, CEO of Cantor Fitzgerald, told the summit. - Yahoo News



This is a nice clip. Timely and a must view.


live greener products

In past articles, we featured energy efficient automobiles and now, let us showcase other earth friendly products and services.

In today’s world where renewable energy, energy conservation and clean environment are gaining wider popularity, here’s a site worthy of mention in this blog. features top quality eco friendly products that fits people’s requirements such as style and durability.

With Greenandmore, people need spend on dry cell batteries because it of its hand crank LED flashlight that does not lose power even when stocked for a long time. Is your home’s halogen security light costing you an arm and a leg? Get upset no more for the site offers basically the same performance but does cost anything to operate. In addition, the product does not require any charging and therefore experiences no downtime.

Some of the other products available in the site includes a rain water storage systems that can tapped for plant watering and other purposes, solar bags to power laptops and other gadgets and most notably, environmentally friendly furniture that were manufactured using energy efficient processes. By the way, the company is giving a 10% opening discount to all those who will use the COUPON CODE: GREEN10 until Dec 31, 2007.

The website also contains numerous tips on how to save and efficiently utilize energy, protect the environment and regular environmental updates. With its environmentally focused products and business practices, Greenandmore is worthy of mention as a wonderful site especially in this modern time.