This is a paid post that need not be one for I personally vouch to the sponsor’s credibility and their products reliability. SMORTY is a “Get Paid to Blog” program wherein bloggers are paid to write a short opinion about a campaign or promotion specified by the advertiser. The opinion requires a minimum of One Hundred and Fifty (150) words and should be linked to the advertisers specified web address which is anchored on a given text.

One of the characteristics that put Smorty above most of the popular programs characterized as “Get Paid For Blogging, Blog Advertising, Advertise On Blogs and Blog For Money” is its short waiting period before payment is released. Yes, Smorty gives itself and the advertisers only five days to approve the bloggers’ opinion. The day after that, payment is transferred to the bloggers’ Paypal account. I know that it’s true for I receive payment from Smorty on time, all the time.

For those who need to advertise on blogs, Smorty’s reliability is for me, beyond question.

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