Lead and my toys

An old jigsaw puzzle reminds me of the recall order on the 19 million Chinese-made toys. My Jigsaw puzzle, a remembrance of my not so long ago youth, is framed and hangs by the bedroom wall. It is still beautiful, not having lost its glossy finish despite the years of exposure to the surroundings and countless passes of cleaning cloths. That precisely reminds me of the toy recall. Lead paint is cheap and very reliable. The only problem is its toxicity even in small quantities. Kids and pets who lick lead painted toys are in danger of getting sick. There's still a good deal of lead paint in the market. It is still a popular ingredient for applications that are less likely to get into contact with human skin such as roads and bridges. Being made in China, my Jigsaw Puzzle and other toys are probably lead painted. I'll probably throw it out but maybe not. Its too beautiful to dispose. Gotta frame it in glass to keep kids off it.

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