Caveat Emptor!!!!

One good thing about blogging is that writers (both novice and professional) are able to express their thoughts, practice their craft and even get paid for it.

Several years ago, I recognized the fact that life can suddenly rear its ugly side and you may happen to be on the receiving end of that ugly presentation. Because of that, I took the services of the first insurance agent that came to me and diligently paid the quarterly premiums for what I thought was a good insurance policy.

Needless to say, years after I took the policy, Life indeed became ugly and matters turned from bad to worse. I found out way too late that behind the jargon and technical talk, I was actually paying for something that I will not be able to avail of in this lifetime. Of course, I was partly to blame. I was too trusting and downright stupid. I should have throughly reviewed the documents and asked for second, third and even 4th opinions before parting away with my hard earned money. Had I done it that way, I could have ended with a good whole life insurance coverage.

As for my reason of sharing that story here, there are many other lessons that can be learned and you, my dear readers should be very careful. Its better to get properly covered, right from the start than waste so much time running after the culprits. You may end up losing everything.

Caveat Emptor!

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