Best Endorsers

As I puff on my macanudo cigar, I wonder what it would be like for tobacco companies to have Fidel Castro or Che Guevarra as endorsers. The two names are so closely associated with cigars that having them to pose for any company’s ad is a surefire way to send sales and profits going up the roof or even beyond. Unfortunately, that may never happen anymore.

International Language

The Chinese in all its arrogance, continuously sent ships in the disputed islands and harassed the Philippine fishermen and inferior Navy. However, as soon as the American vessels came, they all left. Diplomacy, perhaps, is not the language that everyone understands. The correct language, I think, is force.

It never fails to get things done.


Ableton Live!

I have a lawyer friend who was talking about some of his musical compositions. I found his profession and talent for music quite difficult to reconcile until I found out that there’s this software called ableton live 8 that allows people to create, produce and perform music. Because of that, one need not be skilled in any instrument and still be able to create entire compositions.