Protect your mobile phones

One good way for citizens to protect themselves from domestic terrorists is to install ESET Mobile Security made easy to their mobile phones. Potential kidnappers and internet thieves will find it very difficult if not impossible to hack passwords and pins to people’s ATM cards when such kind of protection is installed. I think the price of the protection software is reasonable considering the value that it gives to the customers.

Ransoms Finance Terrorism

From the Abu Sayaff to the Al Qaeda, ransoms that ran up to hundreds of millions of dollars are financing bigger and better terrorism activities. In the Philippines, authorities once seized terrorist speedboats that could outrun any of the Philippine Coast Guards vessels. In Mali, a former US diplomat claims that $15 million in ransom paid by France finances Al Qaeda's current activity. The terror group became so powerful that it took the intervention of France and neighboring countries to save the country from getting overrun.

Don't pay ransoms-- NEVER!