Ibanez Guitars

I want my daughter to get an ibanez from guitar center so that she can start learning how to play the instrument. She has some basic piano skills already but now, she wants to transition into the guitar. Of course, the guitar is a very classy instrument and very handy compared to the piano. I therefore think that she should study the instrument and become good at it.

Another Bus rape in India

In India, it seems that at least a few men have not heard the outcry over the gang rape of a young woman who later died. That is because the same modus operandi was repeated by the same number of people. A lady by her lonesome, boarded a bus at night and the driver and conductor drove her to an abandoned building where they were joined by 4 more men. The lady was gang raped repeatedly and was let off the following morning.

Like the prior rape incident, the rapists were caught and I hope that they too will suffer the backlash brought about by the first case.

Diet Plates

Those of us who are on diet can benefit a lot from the use of portion control plates. The beautifully decorated plates informs people just exactly how much food they are about to eat or have just consumed. Of course, the use of the plates will not guarantee a weight loss. The plates will not stop people from getting 2nd, 3rd or 4th servings!

France on Alert!

The French military launched a rescue mission in Somalia and the president has admitted its failure. Jets bombarded Somalian pirate positions while commandos stormed the pirates' lair. Official accounts say that the hostage died together with a commando while another soldier is missing.

The French military also attacked Islamic rebels in Mali to help the government. As a a result, the police is ever vigilant back home due to fears of suicide bombings.