My Guitar

Last year, I bought my first superb Ibanez Guitars at Musicians friend and I have never been so happy. The sound is sooo good that during my next visit to their website, I decided to order another one. Guitars are very good companions for it can play all songs and sound as if there’s no other instrument needed. I should always have a minimum of two for various reasons.

What A strategy

In the latest Gaza conflict, it seems to me that analysts were correct in predicting that the Hamas would emerge stronger and victorious. The group is now emerging as one who dared and succeeded in scaring Israel. It also seems that their pronouncements include claims that Israel begged them for a ceasefire. While militarily, Israel may have had the upper hand, psychologically and politically, Hamas won.
Military battles, indeed, do not dictate the outcome of wars.


Vamos a Cantar!

In this time of disaster, the people of New York can probably learn a lesson or two from Filipinos. The Philippines has been constantly battered by bad weather and thousands of people perished. Government service has largely been inadequate but the people have so far managed o bounce back. One reason why Filipinos are largely unaffected by calamities is that they addicted to the best karaoke machine at Singing has a naturally soothing effect on people and it makes them decide properly and bounce back from disasters more rapidly.

US leaders on the Spotlight

As an aftermath of the powerful hurricane that devastated New York, a paper reports that New York Mayor Bloomberg and US president Barrack Obama are under scrutiny. Do we need to mention such an obvious fact?

During times of calamity, incumbent leaders are judged depending on their actions to address the situation. Those who hesitate and decides lousily will be soundly criticized and if the election day is quite close, the outcome of the voting exercise might be solely decided based on the actions done during the calamity.


Cold Season

During times like these, my northface jacket comes in very handy. I was watching a James Bond film where some of the action was filmed in a mountainous region and it was very cold and cloudy in the movie. The movie seemed to magnify the cold inside the theatre that as I type this, I can still feel some of it. It’s a good thing that my keyboard is a bit warm.


Just got back from watching Bond. The movie was very good but not as breath taking as the previous where the same Daniel Craig did some parkour stunts. It was excellent overall but there were some conversations that dragged for a bit. And since I watched it late at night, I almost dozed of in a couple of parts.


In a couple of months, kids will be preparing for their high school prom and a lot of people will be at a loss on what to wear. It’s a good think that people can find Sydneys Closet prom dresses and other quality items in specialty shops that sell and/ or rent out such products.

Proms are important in people’s lives. I, myself know that events like that will never be forgotten and therefore has to be made memorable.

Zombies everywhere

Yesterday, I saw an ad for ammunition designed to stop zombies. Just now, I realized, Zombie movies are very popular together with other end of the world movies. Is this because the Mayan calendar ends this year?

Business Intel

I have always wanted to get myself a set of analytic tools from InetSoft but I am not so sure if I can afford it. Such things do not come cheap based on my experiences. Every businessman needs business intelligence and good analysis to be able to stay on top of the game. There are those who bask in ignorance and still prosper but it is not the norm. People who need to stay competitive for the long haul should never be complacent and stay on their toes all the time.

Cheap but Quality Education

We all agree that education is very important. However, good schools can cost an arm and a leg so not everyone can afford them. Despite that, it is very heartwarming to know that plenty of public schools are also of good quality. In the Philippines, for instance, the University of the Philippines belongs to the elite list of Top 400 schools in the world. Making things a lot better is the fact that UP is a public school and can be afforded the the poorest people in the world.

Quality Construction Supplies

In construction, a contractor I know uses for outdoor patio flooring. He says that is saves him a lot of time and money since the quality of things that he buys from the store are delivered in terms of promised quality and besides, the store offers a warranty on the products that they sell. Every constructor needs quality workmanship for reworks are very costly. It is therefore important to be ab;e to get a good supplier.

Cars and Market Prices

In an article, it is written that there are car types like the Mercedes S class that loses its high market value very quickly. There is no logical reason attached to the rapid decrease in its market value and the fact that lesser cars retain most of its price in the eyes of the buying market. Despite that, one has to take note that whatever model their cars might have, the fact remains that its value goes down the moment it gets out of the car plant.

Light moments at work

When my operations guy mentioned  omegaflex metal hose, I didn’t get everything he said so I simply replied; “Oh yeah, I need an omega too.  My watch is quite old and I would use a replacement”. It was very funny for all of us who are in the thick of solving a mechanical problem  and we were of course very serious at that time.

Campaign Disaster Management

Campaigning during disaster season is not a very tasteful decision, in my opinion. However, disasters are not planned and when it happens, a candidate needs to act accordingly. Voters are watching and a disaster can spell the difference between one’s career disaster or electoral victory. In the US, Obama has the natural advantage in the Hurricane scenario. He is the incumbent leader and has the entire government’s machinery behind him. That is something Romney will have a hard time coping with so he should get his think tank to do something and get creative.

Campaigning in Disaster Areas

They can also come wearing Cherokee uniforms in order to appeal to the cultural minorities. For me, a candidate can actually help people and not directly campaign by making sure that people knows what you are doing at that time. Obama and Romney can go deep into the disaster areas and help people while having the press document the entire process. That will be like getting free airtime, publicity and advertisement.


I am not an Obama fan nor I am a follower of Romney. I am not a US registered voter so I am only writing this post based on bits of information that I am getting from the news. People may say that I do not have full appreciation of the facts but please be assured that I am being careful. Going further, I would say that American or not, it is always in bad taste to go on an election offensive during a period of disaster. People aspiring to become leaders should lead by example and times of disaster is a perfect opportunity to act and show ones type of leadership.

Ball Handles

My operations division forwarded a procurement request for malleable ball handles. I wonder what it is and what is will be used for but the request seemed urgent. In order to get an appreciation of the request, I will be visiting the factory together with a procurement assistant to be able to know the exact things that will be needed in order to buy the correct items.

Some notes about Hurricane Sandy

Going through news about Hurricane Sandy, I am surprised by bits of information. Obama suspends his campaign to attend to the areas hit by devastation but Romney will continue on his offensive. Obama attending to his people is something to be expected. He is after all, the president of the United States. But Romney, a presidential hopeful, is showing poor taste by attacking an enemy who is in the middle of helping people. To be continued…

Ladies and their jewelries

Watching a Discover Channel documentary reminds me of beautiful ladies semi mount rings that I saw the other day. Those were beautiful pieces of jewelry and I now understand why women really go gaga over them. Of course, men don’t really get seduced by women’s jewelry. They look at their faces their bodies, specific body parts and of course personality. However, women would never believe that. They will always want to have tons of jewelry.

A moment of silence

Let us pause and offer a prayer for those who perished.. those who are left homeless.. those who sick.. and most especially those who mourn their losses.