Reorganizing my home

In my house, I need additional racks and stands for our books, tons of shoes and other household stuff. On top of that, we also need racks and stands to replace the old ones that we have. Those have long served us well and must be replaced by new, beautiful and more durable ones. Old stands tend to become unstable and if it’s holding anything of value, it may be very costly not to replace it.

MNLF, MILF, etc..

The Mindanao conflict largely started after the infamous Jabidah Massacre wherein, Muslim members of the Philippine military was said to have been killed by their superiors after a secret mission that were training for was canceled.

Together with the cancellation of their mission, the troopers were also physically canceled. The public expose of the massacre was supposed to have given birth to an organization called the MNLF that organized and rallied Filipino Muslims to fighting for a new state...


Invest in Mindanao!

I want to supply quality hospital carts and other medical supplies at reasonable prices to the drug stores, hospital and other facilities in Mindanao. After all, the place surely has a shortage of medical equipments and most modern merchandise. With peace coming into the land, economic development will surely follow and progress is a sure thing to come. Any serious businessman is surely going to benefit by venturing into the territory.

A Short History of the Mindanao Rebellion 1

The Philippine government's peace pact with the MILF is not the first. About a decade ago, its former president Fidel Ramos made a peace pact with the Moro National Liberation (MNLF). The peace pact however, was not properly implemented and while it brought a lot of Muslim rebels back into the government's fold, the larger group called the Moro Islamic Liberation Front (MILF) was able to strengthen its ranks by attracting disgruntled MNLF members and fortifying its camps.

Let the trade begin!

With peace coming to Mindanao in the Philippines, there is big hope that the merchants’ Store Displays in the area would once again be filled with merchandise and trade would flourish. For 40 years, a huge region that is rich in natural and mineral resources was largely a battle zone. It was a no man’s land for most people since the risk of getting caught in the middle of a gun battle or getting waylaid, kidnapped and/ or killed is very large.

Mindanao Peace

In the Philippines, the muslim rebellion is about to close.The largest muslim group called the Moro Islamic Liberation Front (MILF) is about to sign an agreement wherein they will make peace with the Philippine government in return for an ry autonomous region to be managed largely by them.

There are still about two small but very violent groups that are not covered by the agreement but there is huge hope that the two groups will be decimated because they will be running out of territory.

Let's hope that peace and economic development will follow the autonomous region and together with that, there will also be similar movements in the whole country.


Good Friends

My friend has always wanted to have an Izotope Ozone guitar center but being a working student, she just can’t help but save her earnings instead of spending it in something that she really loves but quite expensive and not an absolute necessity at that point. Being a good friend, I therefore surprised her on her birthday by mailing that box of expensive thingies. Of course, it made her really happy!


Fareed Zakaria on GPS was showing an interview that he did with Iran's Mahmood Ahmadenajad. The guy seemed very serious and made it very hard for me to think that it is the same person who publicly denies the Holocaust.

It was unable to finish the interview and it was such a shame for I really wanted to see the part when he supposedly made an to the people of New York. What type of apology and what it is all about, I will probably have just to look for in Google.