Oh Canada...

My aunt in Canada was lucky enough to buy a silver maple leaf coin from a friend who needed money. The friend had been keeping the silver maple leaf coin for years but because of the poor world economy, she was forced to sell it to pay for her mortgage. She actually has quite a bit of those coins and had to dispose most of them. A lot of so called financial gurus are telling people to invest in gold or silver. I've seen webinars that teach people where to find gold and how to test gold. I saw one webinar that suggested people look for broken jewelry, half of a set of earrings, even gold teeth fillings. I wonder how much money you could get for these things.

Of Horses & Kings

Why is it that Western royalty is almost always associated with riding horses? If you search for images of kings, queens, princes and princesses, you will always find pictures of them in equestrian riding apparel. Sometimes you see them riding a horse or holding on to the reins of the horse. Most old pictures or paintings have royalty in equestrian riding apparel even without a horse. However, I don't remember seeing the late Princess Diana riding a horse or wearing the riding apparel. I can't find any picture of her sitting on a horse or in the riding garb.