Fold up, Assad!

Watching the Syrian massacre on my 34 inch led tvs was unnerving. I saw in vivid color the chaos, the violence, the death. When I went to bed that night, I couldn’t shake off the images of the massacre. I would still see in my head the blood smeared walls, the mangled bodies, the dead children. I guess these images are supposed to show the world the reality of conflict. Unfortunately, real as they are, these images are disturbing and not for all kinds of viewers.


Before The Pirates, Let's Take On Syria

If the government doesn't do anything beyond bombarding civilian homes in enemy territories, it will soon be firing directly on the houses of their neighbors. Pretty soon, some of the soldiers will be aiming for the houses of  relatives of their comrades. People have relatives scattered all over  their countries and the way the artillery units are firing, they are bound to kill relatives of their comrades and eventually, their own. Because of that, more soldiers will join the rebellion and runaway chaos might erupt.

And the way violence is spreading even to Damascus is an indication that the violence had started to become unmanageable.

Assad, please wake up!


Karaoke, Baby!

beyerdynamic microphones Musicians friend is a Karaoke lover’s dream gadget. It filters out background noise and unnecessary sounds very well thereby improving the output of even the lousiest singer. 

Tonight, I will be with my friends to a Karaoke/ Videoke and I hope that the place would have that microphone brand installed. Otherwise, I will need plenty of alcohol for my friends so that will tolerate my singing or perhaps, even enjoy it. However, getting them too drunk not to remember seems most likely a more realistic plan.


Pole dancing in the Olympics? Why not? It would be like selling a computer table on It may look unusual but it has potential, I think. I'm not looking down on pole dancing or pole dancers. It takes a lot of skill and strength to do acrobatics while perched on a vertical pole. 

But then, I'm not sure if people are ready for this. Maybe in the next twenty years people would be more open to the idea of making pole dancing an Olympic sport but not now, not yet.

Back To Basics, Good For The Planet

I am surprised that there are still people who do reel mower sharpening themselves, and that people still use old manual lawn mowers. I thought most people use those automatic-electric lawn mowers and have their mowers sharpened at a shop. 

I guess it's good to know that people are becoming more aware of taking care of the environment. Old fashioned reel mowers don't make noise and do not consume electricity or gas. That's good for the environment. Not only that, those who mow get to have some form of exercise. 

 Not bad.