France Siege Ends

I need a CPU cart in order to make my PC mobile. I work from one part of the house to another and having those wheels simply make it easy to move my computer from my current favored spot to the next favorite spot. 

In France, a suspected cop and jew killer was gunned down in a firefight with the police. According to reports, the guy had a video of all the murders that he committed. Horrible eh?


Meds for various needs

I was reading libido max reviews and realized that the market should be able to avail of medications that do things that are opposite to libido boosting pills. Such medications can be willingly taken by people who want it like members of the clergy who wants to but can’t resist the urge to have sex.

For people who wants to but unable to perform, libido enhancing pills will probably be good.

Don't Tell My Mother

Last night, I watched segments of a Nat Geo series called “Don’t Tell My Mother”. It’s about this guy who travels to unusual places to do documentaries. I could have finished that particular series but I couldn’t due to work that I brought home.I will therefore look for that episode online, put it on my PC and play it using my new favorite player, download vlc.

Last night’s feature was about piracy in Somalia and the show’s host actually went around the place with armed bodyguards and interviewed real pirates. Wow! How I wish I could get paid that well to do just those things.