I wonder if he had epiphone electric bass amongst his instruments. 

In South East Asia, there is this guy who built a cult amongst the poor and was able to get his wife elected to a high position. Naturally, the guy made a lot of money from church donations and this resulted to his son growing up spoiled and a drug addict. When the old man died, his son became the high priest. 

The son had a rock band and performed concerts amongst his flock. Since he had very good musical instruments, I wonder if the brand mentioned above was amongst the instruments that he and his band used.


Go Get 'em Harry... err William

In boxing, an Argentinian champion called Lazarte started being rght away dirty. His Filipino opponent named Casimero countered in the same manner and the referee had a busy night. The Argentine Lazarte however, was a lot lot dirtier. He bit his opponent thrice and even delivered a knockdown punch even when the referee had already called a stop and was practically in between the fighters.

Lazarte even set himself apart by removing his mouthpiece and asked the referee if he wants to make it out alive and this was caught on live television. The dirty fighter Lazarte however, was badly beaten. He was knocked down a few times and the referee had to stop the fight when he was badly being mauled on the 10th round. Casimero won via TKO.

This did not sit well with Lazarte's son and Lazarte's low life friends who threw bottles and chairs into the ring and mauled Casimero's entourage. Lazarte's gay son even kicked Casimero as he was getting out of the ring causing him to fall. After that, Lazate's son repeatedly kicked the fallen Casimero.

To make matters worse, the President of the Argentine Boxing Federation laughed off any suggestion of a disciplinary action on Lazarte and even declared that the International Boxing Federation has no hold on them.

In this instance, there is no doubt where I stand on the Falklands Island issue.

Prince William, blast those Argentinians at the first sign of provocation. if the Argetines treat life and politics the way handle sports, they should be bombed down.

I suggest that your country's first smart missiles be aimed at the house of Lazarte's son and the President of the Argentine Boxing Federation. The world will not be worse off in the event of their demise.


Act of Valor - Movie

It is said to be opening anytime soon. A movie about missions of US Navy Seals acted out by real and active members of the unit. The bullets used are real and therefore, the sound, recoil and reactions of the actors in the film are as real as it can get.

I watched the trailer from the creator's website and saw some real combat techniques for action fanatics like me, this is a good movie. I just hope that real missions conducted by the world's armed forces against criminalty would always be as flawless as the movie trailer and the recent rescue mission of two aid workers in Somalia.

Wargames Accessories

I was looking at photos of Naval Special Forces operatives and I wonder if they also have specially made Nolan N90 head gears. Some of the helmets that I saw looked similar to the Nolan N90 that it is possible that the company made it for them. I’m thinking that maybe, for my airsoft adventure games, I’d also get a commercially available N90 and have it painted olive drab green.