My musician of a brother

If my brother had more time to indulge in music and actually had my dad buy him a drum set, I would bet that he had become a popular musician by now. The guy had excellent rhythm and everyone admired the way he forcefully banged the drums. Despite his lack of practice and the absence of a band, he was a favorite pick by bands to pitch in whenever they had live performances.

Pas du Probleme

Driving cross country without rv insurance is a disaster waiting to happen. Breakdowns can happen even to the newest engines and the absence of an insurance to fall back on can be very costly at the very least. A good insurance coverage makes it easy for one to travel with as my French buddy says, “Pas problem!” Enjoy every vacation by getting insurance.


Keep Everybody Warm and Happy

It’s just the start of the year and Christmas is just behind us. However, let us be reminded that as we wrap up our celebration and usher the start of the new year in our beautifully heated blanket, let us be reminded that there are people who remain cold in the streets and badly needs that little boost that we can give them so they can start their lives and be have acceptable levels of societal status. Let us share our blessings.