Sleep Well

We once bought a memory foam and it really felt good to sleep in it. People with regular problems like the President of the United States of America should have one if he still doesn’t. Sleep is the single most refreshing and relaxing activity that one can regularly indulge in and being able to have a good one tops the list. Sleep well, get a memory foam!

That Deadly Prank

In Great Britain, radio dj’s called a hospital as a prank. They pretended to be the Queen and her husband and asked about Princess Catherine who was confined there at that time. The nurse didn’t notice anything and proceeded to reveal details about the pregnant princess. A day or two later, the nurse was found dead in an apparent suicide. Whether it was the nurse’s suicide or not, it was not right for anyone to have made such a prank on the unsuspecting nurse. Making unsuspecting medical professional reveal confidential patient information is a big NO and could end one’s career. People should be very responsible about this kind of things.


My Guitar

Last year, I bought my first superb Ibanez Guitars at Musicians friend and I have never been so happy. The sound is sooo good that during my next visit to their website, I decided to order another one. Guitars are very good companions for it can play all songs and sound as if there’s no other instrument needed. I should always have a minimum of two for various reasons.

What A strategy

In the latest Gaza conflict, it seems to me that analysts were correct in predicting that the Hamas would emerge stronger and victorious. The group is now emerging as one who dared and succeeded in scaring Israel. It also seems that their pronouncements include claims that Israel begged them for a ceasefire. While militarily, Israel may have had the upper hand, psychologically and politically, Hamas won.
Military battles, indeed, do not dictate the outcome of wars.


Vamos a Cantar!

In this time of disaster, the people of New York can probably learn a lesson or two from Filipinos. The Philippines has been constantly battered by bad weather and thousands of people perished. Government service has largely been inadequate but the people have so far managed o bounce back. One reason why Filipinos are largely unaffected by calamities is that they addicted to the best karaoke machine at Singing has a naturally soothing effect on people and it makes them decide properly and bounce back from disasters more rapidly.

US leaders on the Spotlight

As an aftermath of the powerful hurricane that devastated New York, a paper reports that New York Mayor Bloomberg and US president Barrack Obama are under scrutiny. Do we need to mention such an obvious fact?

During times of calamity, incumbent leaders are judged depending on their actions to address the situation. Those who hesitate and decides lousily will be soundly criticized and if the election day is quite close, the outcome of the voting exercise might be solely decided based on the actions done during the calamity.


Cold Season

During times like these, my northface jacket comes in very handy. I was watching a James Bond film where some of the action was filmed in a mountainous region and it was very cold and cloudy in the movie. The movie seemed to magnify the cold inside the theatre that as I type this, I can still feel some of it. It’s a good thing that my keyboard is a bit warm.


Just got back from watching Bond. The movie was very good but not as breath taking as the previous where the same Daniel Craig did some parkour stunts. It was excellent overall but there were some conversations that dragged for a bit. And since I watched it late at night, I almost dozed of in a couple of parts.


In a couple of months, kids will be preparing for their high school prom and a lot of people will be at a loss on what to wear. It’s a good think that people can find Sydneys Closet prom dresses and other quality items in specialty shops that sell and/ or rent out such products.

Proms are important in people’s lives. I, myself know that events like that will never be forgotten and therefore has to be made memorable.

Zombies everywhere

Yesterday, I saw an ad for ammunition designed to stop zombies. Just now, I realized, Zombie movies are very popular together with other end of the world movies. Is this because the Mayan calendar ends this year?

Business Intel

I have always wanted to get myself a set of analytic tools from InetSoft but I am not so sure if I can afford it. Such things do not come cheap based on my experiences. Every businessman needs business intelligence and good analysis to be able to stay on top of the game. There are those who bask in ignorance and still prosper but it is not the norm. People who need to stay competitive for the long haul should never be complacent and stay on their toes all the time.

Cheap but Quality Education

We all agree that education is very important. However, good schools can cost an arm and a leg so not everyone can afford them. Despite that, it is very heartwarming to know that plenty of public schools are also of good quality. In the Philippines, for instance, the University of the Philippines belongs to the elite list of Top 400 schools in the world. Making things a lot better is the fact that UP is a public school and can be afforded the the poorest people in the world.

Quality Construction Supplies

In construction, a contractor I know uses for outdoor patio flooring. He says that is saves him a lot of time and money since the quality of things that he buys from the store are delivered in terms of promised quality and besides, the store offers a warranty on the products that they sell. Every constructor needs quality workmanship for reworks are very costly. It is therefore important to be ab;e to get a good supplier.

Cars and Market Prices

In an article, it is written that there are car types like the Mercedes S class that loses its high market value very quickly. There is no logical reason attached to the rapid decrease in its market value and the fact that lesser cars retain most of its price in the eyes of the buying market. Despite that, one has to take note that whatever model their cars might have, the fact remains that its value goes down the moment it gets out of the car plant.

Light moments at work

When my operations guy mentioned  omegaflex metal hose, I didn’t get everything he said so I simply replied; “Oh yeah, I need an omega too.  My watch is quite old and I would use a replacement”. It was very funny for all of us who are in the thick of solving a mechanical problem  and we were of course very serious at that time.

Campaign Disaster Management

Campaigning during disaster season is not a very tasteful decision, in my opinion. However, disasters are not planned and when it happens, a candidate needs to act accordingly. Voters are watching and a disaster can spell the difference between one’s career disaster or electoral victory. In the US, Obama has the natural advantage in the Hurricane scenario. He is the incumbent leader and has the entire government’s machinery behind him. That is something Romney will have a hard time coping with so he should get his think tank to do something and get creative.

Campaigning in Disaster Areas

They can also come wearing Cherokee uniforms in order to appeal to the cultural minorities. For me, a candidate can actually help people and not directly campaign by making sure that people knows what you are doing at that time. Obama and Romney can go deep into the disaster areas and help people while having the press document the entire process. That will be like getting free airtime, publicity and advertisement.


I am not an Obama fan nor I am a follower of Romney. I am not a US registered voter so I am only writing this post based on bits of information that I am getting from the news. People may say that I do not have full appreciation of the facts but please be assured that I am being careful. Going further, I would say that American or not, it is always in bad taste to go on an election offensive during a period of disaster. People aspiring to become leaders should lead by example and times of disaster is a perfect opportunity to act and show ones type of leadership.

Ball Handles

My operations division forwarded a procurement request for malleable ball handles. I wonder what it is and what is will be used for but the request seemed urgent. In order to get an appreciation of the request, I will be visiting the factory together with a procurement assistant to be able to know the exact things that will be needed in order to buy the correct items.

Some notes about Hurricane Sandy

Going through news about Hurricane Sandy, I am surprised by bits of information. Obama suspends his campaign to attend to the areas hit by devastation but Romney will continue on his offensive. Obama attending to his people is something to be expected. He is after all, the president of the United States. But Romney, a presidential hopeful, is showing poor taste by attacking an enemy who is in the middle of helping people. To be continued…

Ladies and their jewelries

Watching a Discover Channel documentary reminds me of beautiful ladies semi mount rings that I saw the other day. Those were beautiful pieces of jewelry and I now understand why women really go gaga over them. Of course, men don’t really get seduced by women’s jewelry. They look at their faces their bodies, specific body parts and of course personality. However, women would never believe that. They will always want to have tons of jewelry.

A moment of silence

Let us pause and offer a prayer for those who perished.. those who are left homeless.. those who sick.. and most especially those who mourn their losses.


Reorganizing my home

In my house, I need additional racks and stands for our books, tons of shoes and other household stuff. On top of that, we also need racks and stands to replace the old ones that we have. Those have long served us well and must be replaced by new, beautiful and more durable ones. Old stands tend to become unstable and if it’s holding anything of value, it may be very costly not to replace it.

MNLF, MILF, etc..

The Mindanao conflict largely started after the infamous Jabidah Massacre wherein, Muslim members of the Philippine military was said to have been killed by their superiors after a secret mission that were training for was canceled.

Together with the cancellation of their mission, the troopers were also physically canceled. The public expose of the massacre was supposed to have given birth to an organization called the MNLF that organized and rallied Filipino Muslims to fighting for a new state...


Invest in Mindanao!

I want to supply quality hospital carts and other medical supplies at reasonable prices to the drug stores, hospital and other facilities in Mindanao. After all, the place surely has a shortage of medical equipments and most modern merchandise. With peace coming into the land, economic development will surely follow and progress is a sure thing to come. Any serious businessman is surely going to benefit by venturing into the territory.

A Short History of the Mindanao Rebellion 1

The Philippine government's peace pact with the MILF is not the first. About a decade ago, its former president Fidel Ramos made a peace pact with the Moro National Liberation (MNLF). The peace pact however, was not properly implemented and while it brought a lot of Muslim rebels back into the government's fold, the larger group called the Moro Islamic Liberation Front (MILF) was able to strengthen its ranks by attracting disgruntled MNLF members and fortifying its camps.

Let the trade begin!

With peace coming to Mindanao in the Philippines, there is big hope that the merchants’ Store Displays in the area would once again be filled with merchandise and trade would flourish. For 40 years, a huge region that is rich in natural and mineral resources was largely a battle zone. It was a no man’s land for most people since the risk of getting caught in the middle of a gun battle or getting waylaid, kidnapped and/ or killed is very large.

Mindanao Peace

In the Philippines, the muslim rebellion is about to close.The largest muslim group called the Moro Islamic Liberation Front (MILF) is about to sign an agreement wherein they will make peace with the Philippine government in return for an ry autonomous region to be managed largely by them.

There are still about two small but very violent groups that are not covered by the agreement but there is huge hope that the two groups will be decimated because they will be running out of territory.

Let's hope that peace and economic development will follow the autonomous region and together with that, there will also be similar movements in the whole country.


Good Friends

My friend has always wanted to have an Izotope Ozone guitar center but being a working student, she just can’t help but save her earnings instead of spending it in something that she really loves but quite expensive and not an absolute necessity at that point. Being a good friend, I therefore surprised her on her birthday by mailing that box of expensive thingies. Of course, it made her really happy!


Fareed Zakaria on GPS was showing an interview that he did with Iran's Mahmood Ahmadenajad. The guy seemed very serious and made it very hard for me to think that it is the same person who publicly denies the Holocaust.

It was unable to finish the interview and it was such a shame for I really wanted to see the part when he supposedly made an to the people of New York. What type of apology and what it is all about, I will probably have just to look for in Google.


Cut My Hair!

The HK black travel listing of the Philippines makes me want to get a pair hair cutting shears and send it as a gift to the Philippine Tourism secretary. With tourism being eyed as a major income source, the ban will substantially reduce the arrivals of the largest group of people that traditionally comes to the country. What a waste of marketing efforts. The Philippines should do something about this.

PHL Remains in HK's Black Travel List

I traveled to Manila from HK and upon arrival, switched on my HK mobile phone. I was immediately greeted by a message coming from the HK government that the Philippines is in the black travel list and HK residents are warned. I heard that a lot of HK insurance companies will not pay for accidents and illnesses of HK residents if its contracted in the Philippines. If that is true, I will not be surprised if HK residents will continue to stop coming to Manila


Jesse Robredo

In the Philippines, one of the recognized heroes of good governance passed away in a recent plane crash. With plenty of things left to be done, high ranking government officials rushed to his residence and his office to secure his storage cabinets that contain his work files. The guy handles very important matters for the government after all. Let us hope that whoever replaces him will continue his good work.

The Malayan and Philippine Communist Insurgency

Watching a History Channel documentary about the Malayan emergency reminds me that the communist insurgency in the Philippines is still an ongoing concern. Dubbed as the longest running Maoist rebellion, the New People’s Army has outlived Maoism in China. Some people though, claim that most of the rebels now are devoid of ideology and are more of a torn to the people in the country side.


The Banjo

If only every musicians friend play the banjo, not only will demand for the instrument increase, more songs will be written with the banjo in mind. Today’s musical landscape will become different and a new generation of sounds will debut. The Banjo is a fine instrument but it is not as popular as other instruments like the guitar or the saxophone. However, I believe that it will only take one popular musician to prominently wield the banjo to make the whole world take greater interest in the product.

Protecting Ships from Pirates (Part 3)

To continue my series of posts about security in the highseas, Filipinos serve as the main provider of seafarers and with its abundance of experienced military trained manpower, it can also provide security training and manpower to the shipping vessels. And with proper coordination in the high seas, this security personnel can create a network that will serve to help all vessels (regardless of nationality and company) avoid and if needed, fight pirates.

Remembering Fidel

Padron cigars are very popular in my area. Its Spanish/Italian sounding name reminds me of the iconic Fidel who’s cigar smoking photos remain popular to this day. Ironically, the great Fidel is said to have stopped smoking a long time ago. I don’t know why but the impression created by his military uniform and matching cigar had become the most popular commercial for Cuban cigars.

Protecting the ships from Pirates (Part 2)

My previous post about piracy and protecting the ships from pirates mentioned what an insider stressed in a forum that I attended about a month ago. There is a need to provide human security personnel to safeguard the huge and expensive vessels from fast crafts being operated by pirates. Since Filipinos are known to be the greatest provider of seafarers, it is probably high time for it to also become a source of armed and well trained security personnel. In the Philippines, the military, with its combat experience, can provide training that can possibly be used by private shipping companies.


Save the Planet

Yesterday, I looked at some photos of icebergs and was reminded that it won’t be long and there will be nothing left of it. At the rate those things are melting, the earth is faced with the real possibility that the ice will melt and there will be a lot o flooding everywhere. Some people are doing a lot in order to stop the ice melt. They invented low heat emitting television screens and computer monitors and now, there are special types of bulbs with gu24 socket base that are designed to become more environmentally friendly.

Protecting Ships From Pirates

I attended a seminar where an American professional spoke about piracy in the high seas. He enumerated procedures that the industry is taking in order to protect the ships and most importantly, he stressed that the best protection is still the hiring of human security personnel. In my opinion, it is not very difficult to protect a ship. A few well placed guards with powerful weapons can hold off any boarding party until international coalition troops get to the scene.

Random Thoughts

I read in the news that The Royal Canadian Mint will stop circulating pennies as of Feb. 4, 2013 but the one-cent coins “will retain its value indefinitely.” The government said that the production cost is a lot higher than the value of the coin so stopping the production would save a lot of tax payers' money. I guess the coin would still be in circulation and will retain its value. However, if in the future there will be a shortage of pennies, would they be rounding off prices to make transactions a bit more convenient? For example, would a meal that should cost $7.23 would be rounded off to $7.25?


Oh Canada...

My aunt in Canada was lucky enough to buy a silver maple leaf coin from a friend who needed money. The friend had been keeping the silver maple leaf coin for years but because of the poor world economy, she was forced to sell it to pay for her mortgage. She actually has quite a bit of those coins and had to dispose most of them. A lot of so called financial gurus are telling people to invest in gold or silver. I've seen webinars that teach people where to find gold and how to test gold. I saw one webinar that suggested people look for broken jewelry, half of a set of earrings, even gold teeth fillings. I wonder how much money you could get for these things.

Of Horses & Kings

Why is it that Western royalty is almost always associated with riding horses? If you search for images of kings, queens, princes and princesses, you will always find pictures of them in equestrian riding apparel. Sometimes you see them riding a horse or holding on to the reins of the horse. Most old pictures or paintings have royalty in equestrian riding apparel even without a horse. However, I don't remember seeing the late Princess Diana riding a horse or wearing the riding apparel. I can't find any picture of her sitting on a horse or in the riding garb.


Fold up, Assad!

Watching the Syrian massacre on my 34 inch led tvs was unnerving. I saw in vivid color the chaos, the violence, the death. When I went to bed that night, I couldn’t shake off the images of the massacre. I would still see in my head the blood smeared walls, the mangled bodies, the dead children. I guess these images are supposed to show the world the reality of conflict. Unfortunately, real as they are, these images are disturbing and not for all kinds of viewers.


Before The Pirates, Let's Take On Syria

If the government doesn't do anything beyond bombarding civilian homes in enemy territories, it will soon be firing directly on the houses of their neighbors. Pretty soon, some of the soldiers will be aiming for the houses of  relatives of their comrades. People have relatives scattered all over  their countries and the way the artillery units are firing, they are bound to kill relatives of their comrades and eventually, their own. Because of that, more soldiers will join the rebellion and runaway chaos might erupt.

And the way violence is spreading even to Damascus is an indication that the violence had started to become unmanageable.

Assad, please wake up!


Karaoke, Baby!

beyerdynamic microphones Musicians friend is a Karaoke lover’s dream gadget. It filters out background noise and unnecessary sounds very well thereby improving the output of even the lousiest singer. 

Tonight, I will be with my friends to a Karaoke/ Videoke and I hope that the place would have that microphone brand installed. Otherwise, I will need plenty of alcohol for my friends so that will tolerate my singing or perhaps, even enjoy it. However, getting them too drunk not to remember seems most likely a more realistic plan.


Pole dancing in the Olympics? Why not? It would be like selling a computer table on It may look unusual but it has potential, I think. I'm not looking down on pole dancing or pole dancers. It takes a lot of skill and strength to do acrobatics while perched on a vertical pole. 

But then, I'm not sure if people are ready for this. Maybe in the next twenty years people would be more open to the idea of making pole dancing an Olympic sport but not now, not yet.

Back To Basics, Good For The Planet

I am surprised that there are still people who do reel mower sharpening themselves, and that people still use old manual lawn mowers. I thought most people use those automatic-electric lawn mowers and have their mowers sharpened at a shop. 

I guess it's good to know that people are becoming more aware of taking care of the environment. Old fashioned reel mowers don't make noise and do not consume electricity or gas. That's good for the environment. Not only that, those who mow get to have some form of exercise. 

 Not bad.


What's New?

Security at airports have been very tight lately. The man whose bag went through xray machine had to go through further inspection. The disassembled a hydraulic crimping tool to make it fit his bag and for some reason it looked like a gun. The security personnel had him open his bag and look for the other parts he removed. I don’t know why he even had to bring that tool with him out of the country. It can be bought anywhere.


Gunslingers of Today

I once saw a guy wear a Cowboy Hat designed safety head gear in a construction site and I find it quite cool. In most of the real world, cowboys are mainly remembered as the horse riding and gun slinging gringo who shot Indians out to rob them. This is mainly because of the Hollywood movies that got international release. I hope that the cow boy mentality in the movies stays there and does not get into international diplomacy.

Massive Reforestation Programs

Looking at my planter box reminds me of a TV documentary about an attempt at a massive reforestation effort. The principals of the program determined that people making excursions at the forests and planting it with seedlings will not actually help reverse the rate our forests are being denuded. 

They figured that there should be a way to airdrop huge amount of seedlings that will get directly embedded in the soil. This will be faster, more efficient and effective at a massive scale.


Walkers when he's out

We were talking about walkers for seniors when I remembered Bernie Madoff. The guy was sentenced to a long jail term and he’s not young at all anymore. I wonder if he will really have to serve his sentence at full length or if he will be given credits and be allowed to leave after a few years. The guy is far from being a saint. His sons who turned him in say he confessed to a massive Ponzi scheme. Still, I can’t help but wonder when he will be out.

Where Can I Find a Good One?

I wonder if there are good tool aprons in my local hardware store. I spent a good deal of money buying nice tools and it would be a shame if I will lose any of it because I don’t have a good tool apron. Possibly damaging those tools due to accidental droppings is also a possibility so it’s really important that I get myself a good tool apron.


France Siege Ends

I need a CPU cart in order to make my PC mobile. I work from one part of the house to another and having those wheels simply make it easy to move my computer from my current favored spot to the next favorite spot. 

In France, a suspected cop and jew killer was gunned down in a firefight with the police. According to reports, the guy had a video of all the murders that he committed. Horrible eh?


Meds for various needs

I was reading libido max reviews and realized that the market should be able to avail of medications that do things that are opposite to libido boosting pills. Such medications can be willingly taken by people who want it like members of the clergy who wants to but can’t resist the urge to have sex.

For people who wants to but unable to perform, libido enhancing pills will probably be good.

Don't Tell My Mother

Last night, I watched segments of a Nat Geo series called “Don’t Tell My Mother”. It’s about this guy who travels to unusual places to do documentaries. I could have finished that particular series but I couldn’t due to work that I brought home.I will therefore look for that episode online, put it on my PC and play it using my new favorite player, download vlc.

Last night’s feature was about piracy in Somalia and the show’s host actually went around the place with armed bodyguards and interviewed real pirates. Wow! How I wish I could get paid that well to do just those things.


I wonder if he had epiphone electric bass amongst his instruments. 

In South East Asia, there is this guy who built a cult amongst the poor and was able to get his wife elected to a high position. Naturally, the guy made a lot of money from church donations and this resulted to his son growing up spoiled and a drug addict. When the old man died, his son became the high priest. 

The son had a rock band and performed concerts amongst his flock. Since he had very good musical instruments, I wonder if the brand mentioned above was amongst the instruments that he and his band used.


Go Get 'em Harry... err William

In boxing, an Argentinian champion called Lazarte started being rght away dirty. His Filipino opponent named Casimero countered in the same manner and the referee had a busy night. The Argentine Lazarte however, was a lot lot dirtier. He bit his opponent thrice and even delivered a knockdown punch even when the referee had already called a stop and was practically in between the fighters.

Lazarte even set himself apart by removing his mouthpiece and asked the referee if he wants to make it out alive and this was caught on live television. The dirty fighter Lazarte however, was badly beaten. He was knocked down a few times and the referee had to stop the fight when he was badly being mauled on the 10th round. Casimero won via TKO.

This did not sit well with Lazarte's son and Lazarte's low life friends who threw bottles and chairs into the ring and mauled Casimero's entourage. Lazarte's gay son even kicked Casimero as he was getting out of the ring causing him to fall. After that, Lazate's son repeatedly kicked the fallen Casimero.

To make matters worse, the President of the Argentine Boxing Federation laughed off any suggestion of a disciplinary action on Lazarte and even declared that the International Boxing Federation has no hold on them.

In this instance, there is no doubt where I stand on the Falklands Island issue.

Prince William, blast those Argentinians at the first sign of provocation. if the Argetines treat life and politics the way handle sports, they should be bombed down.

I suggest that your country's first smart missiles be aimed at the house of Lazarte's son and the President of the Argentine Boxing Federation. The world will not be worse off in the event of their demise.


Act of Valor - Movie

It is said to be opening anytime soon. A movie about missions of US Navy Seals acted out by real and active members of the unit. The bullets used are real and therefore, the sound, recoil and reactions of the actors in the film are as real as it can get.

I watched the trailer from the creator's website and saw some real combat techniques for action fanatics like me, this is a good movie. I just hope that real missions conducted by the world's armed forces against criminalty would always be as flawless as the movie trailer and the recent rescue mission of two aid workers in Somalia.

Wargames Accessories

I was looking at photos of Naval Special Forces operatives and I wonder if they also have specially made Nolan N90 head gears. Some of the helmets that I saw looked similar to the Nolan N90 that it is possible that the company made it for them. I’m thinking that maybe, for my airsoft adventure games, I’d also get a commercially available N90 and have it painted olive drab green.


My musician of a brother

If my brother had more time to indulge in music and actually had my dad buy him a drum set, I would bet that he had become a popular musician by now. The guy had excellent rhythm and everyone admired the way he forcefully banged the drums. Despite his lack of practice and the absence of a band, he was a favorite pick by bands to pitch in whenever they had live performances.

Pas du Probleme

Driving cross country without rv insurance is a disaster waiting to happen. Breakdowns can happen even to the newest engines and the absence of an insurance to fall back on can be very costly at the very least. A good insurance coverage makes it easy for one to travel with as my French buddy says, “Pas problem!” Enjoy every vacation by getting insurance.


Keep Everybody Warm and Happy

It’s just the start of the year and Christmas is just behind us. However, let us be reminded that as we wrap up our celebration and usher the start of the new year in our beautifully heated blanket, let us be reminded that there are people who remain cold in the streets and badly needs that little boost that we can give them so they can start their lives and be have acceptable levels of societal status. Let us share our blessings.