Most Corrupt Countries (2011)

Transparency International has just released its Corruption Perception index. Leading the pack as the most corrupt country is Somalia and North Korea both # 182 and this is closely followed by Myanmar and Afghanistan who both shared the 180th spot. People were asked to rate their governments from 1~10 with 0 being the lowest and 10 being given to the country without corruption. North Korea and Somalia were both given a rating of 1 by its citizens and Myanmar and Afghanistan both got 1.5.

The United States Ranked #24 at 7.1 while the UK got 7.8 from its citizens and ranks #16. The cleanest government is said to be New Zealand which got a score of 9.5.

Where does the Philippines stand? It’s #129 with a grade of 2.6. Whoa!

This is however a big improvement for the country since its 2010 rank is #134