Relax, Baby!

After a hard day at work, I find it very relaxing to spend time in my clawfoot tub back home. If only I can have one installed in my office, I’d probably be a happy person. In relation to world events, I doubt if the late Muammar Khadaffy and the other strongmen in the world political theatre could have or still be able to relax in hot tubs. The problems of mass rallies against powerful regimes have become so strong that bullets cannot seem to work against them anymore.

Ski Glasses

Julbo Revolution Ski Goggles is my favorite piece of accessory when I am in the Swiss Alps. However, I also like using it whenever I am inspecting my iron works facility back home. It protects my eyes in the harsh snowy slopes against harsh weather. It also protects me from metal fragments that fly during the grinding process in my business address.


A Happy Day!

Shari's Berries cookies were served to us when we visited my sister yesterday and that alone made the trip more than worthwhile. I never thought that I could have cookies that taste that well but I did. Anyway, the visit lasted the whole day and therefore, discussions were a combination of light, funny and downright serious. However, the serious topics were a bit funny because it was about the state of our country’s politics and not about any grim family issues. Of course, I don’t know of any.


Great Vets

I wonder if there are lots of Veterinary Assistant Jobs in Libya. With the way they look at dogs, I don’t think they would get veterinarians to cure man’s best friend. In the US and most other countries, on the other hand, lots of people need vets thus the need for vet assistants. I hope that Vets would continue to be abundant in this planet. Vets make sure that the animals that keep us company are healthy and they also make sure that the animals that people eventually eat (cattle) are fit for human consumption.


Get One!

I wonder if when I can have michael kors watches because they don’t have it in stock in my favorite watch store. Speaking of watches, I remember reading old Time Magazine articles about leaders and the accompanying photos showed men in military uniforms or expensive suits wearing beautiful watches. It seems that watches do not simply fulfill the duty of telling the time but it also is a badge of power and/or success.