Download for Free!

My daughter likes to play musical videos in her PC and it really made her happy when I told her that there is a free youtube downloader software that can be found in the net. Because of that, she now lugs around an Ipod video where she stores a lot of photos, audio and videos that she got from you tube.

The boy that never grew up.

Last week, I went to a firing range where my sharpshooter friend taught me how to use the pistol for home defense. While going through it, I realized that I looked like an amateur and resolved that next time, I will get myself some tourmaster items so that I will like a blackwater commando in training or a paramilitary man, at the very least. Sometimes, it’s not just the performance that counts. Looks can also have a say to things.


What Now Libya?

Not that he needs it but Khadaffy should be one of the last people of the planet to ever worry about the absence of weight loss pills. With angry rebels running after his hide, he should be losing more and more weight as the days go by. If he is captured and treated well in jail, his weight should go back up as he relaxes while undergoing trial. What happens next will be beyond anyone’s forecasting abilities.

Lifestyle of the Rich and Powerful

I have friends who want me to build their houses. I ought to sell them the idea of installing single bowl undermount sinks in their kitchens and lavatories. Being a part of the “newly rich” class, they want to have beautiful new houses so that they can enjoy the fruits of their labor. I suggest that they try to gather enough info about the houses of the former Libyan strongman or even Mubarak. Those people certainly know how to live well and they can probably get an idea or two about housing design from those long time rulers.