One Laptop Per Chiild

Last week, I was contacted by a friend who was involved in a project to supply refurbished laptops to all kids in public schools in the country. Well, a laptop, for as long as it works, is a laptop. Kids who has very little access to quality books can surf the net and find the answers to almost anything that they need. I think one good lesson that teachers can teach the kids is how to effectively search the internet.

Life is Uncertain

I hope there’s low cost life insurance available in the troubled lands today. Life seems to be so cheap in areas like Libya where rape and murder is reported to be a weapon of war, Sudan with its mass graves and several other countries. I don’t know why but it’s clear to me that when life seems to be uncertain, it pays to have life insurance for the sake of the family that one will leave behind.

My own RV

I have just bought my first Recreational Vehicle (RV), on my own and oh boy, I am so happy. The previous ones were hand me downs from my dad and now, it’s something that I saved up for and meticulously chosen from several RV models by different manufacturers. I will now be going on frequent out of town trips and this RV will come in very handy for sure. I am not worried at all because there are handy guys that will respond fast to any rv travel emergency so I am guessing that life in an RV will be pure bliss.