Funny Designs

Why not design funny t shirts for every world event?

The whole world was taken by surprise with the sudden death of Osama Bin Laden. With most people afraid of what disaster he might bring, his death at the hands of American Special Forces troops had become one of the hottest stories of the decade. It is therefore a good idea to come out with shirts and other memorabilia that will mark this event.


War Heroes

If I have scanner software, I would have digitized an article about brave men in history who makes action figures in film look like choir boys. There’s this guy who killed hundreds with a farm rifle and also annihilated several sniper teams that were sent to hunt him. All of those things, he did by his lonesome in a freezing forest with only a lunch pack and a few kilograms of bullets to supplement his determined body and old rifle.

Harry Potter.. No More!

Lying in Big Agnes Sleeping Bags, we watched movies after movies while sipping our favorite drinks and digging into bags of chips. My daughter remarked that she felt bad that Daniel Radcliff is not interested in appearing in future “Harry Potter” movies. Well, the boy had grown into a man but still, he can act the role. However, my thoughts were eloquently delivered when I told her;
“Wait til he rans out of money..”


Trade War WIth China?

I heard over the radio that some sectors are advocating that the Philippines retaliate against China’s saber rattling at the Spratly Islands by putting a stop to the imports coming from that country. Without China doing anything, it will be the Philippines on the losing end. Most of the raw materials being used by the Philippine exporters are imported from China. The same holds true for the raw materials used for the domestic consumption. Therefore, if the Philippines will start buying from elsewhere, its export market will be greatly reduced because China is the cheapest source of raw materials. Philippine exports will become less competitive. Domestic prices will also increase and God knows what else. Need I say more?