Pirates Sentenced to 439 years

I can’t help but mention it here. I wrote about Somali pirates who have been sowing terror in the seas by commandeering ocean vessels and holding it for ransom. The results are higher insurance premiums for shipping vessels, higher freight costs of international cargo and more importantly, dangers to seafarers. If this trend will continue, it won’t be long before lives are started to be ransomed as well. Old films about pirates attacking, plundering goods, raping and killing passengers and stealing ships will become a reality.

Because of this, I’d like to spread the news about pirates being killed, arrested and slapped with heavy jail terms. Recently, a Spanish judge sentenced 2 Somali pirates to 439 years each for 36 counts of illegal detention. There must have been 36 crew members in the ship that they attacked. They were also ordered to pay 100,000 Euros to every person that they illegally detained.


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