Trim em', Boy!

Ghadaffy’s beard must have grown so thick and long that he will need echo trimmers simply to trim of cut em’. Lack of sleep contributes to fast beard and hair growth and who can be more sleep deprived in this world compared to Khadaffy. Without those heavy duty cutters, he will probably look much worse than the pied piper, after his retirement.

How to look good on TV

Brother Khadaffy must have googled the terms, “how to get rid of dark circles under my eyes” several times within the past couple of months. If you are constantly running away and narrowly escaping from NATO bombardment that uses intelligent target seeking missiles, you’d also be looking so haggard despite thick layers of makeup that assistants so generously smear into your face before any television appearance.



A typical weekend for many males starts early morning when they load their golf swing sets into the trunk of their cars and they drive towards the golf course. A game sans a golf cart should be very good for one feels exhausted after the match. However, those who do this exercise for the benefit of their sexual health should think again. An easier way is to lose ones religion and guilt and their sex lives should improve. At least, that what one survey says.

A High Paying Job

I should get myself a t shirts printed with "English Afghan Language Specialist"

If you want to make good money quickly, learn the Afghan language as fast as you can. It was recently revealed in a survey that
"The average salary for a linguist or interpreter who speaks Dari is $187,000 and it’s $193,000 for those who speak Pashto."
And with the rest of the world predicted to descend to the relatively unexplored country for the next few years, the savings should be good enough to buy land and retire in a warm beach island in the Pacific.


Improve My Game

In a few weeks, I will be celebrating my birthday and since nobody but myself can give me the gift that I want, I will be shopping for a golf pda gps system that I can use to record my game and also be used as a tool in studying how to improve my game. A GPS system is the best tool that ever came out since the game itself was invented.


Pirates Sentenced to 439 years

I can’t help but mention it here. I wrote about Somali pirates who have been sowing terror in the seas by commandeering ocean vessels and holding it for ransom. The results are higher insurance premiums for shipping vessels, higher freight costs of international cargo and more importantly, dangers to seafarers. If this trend will continue, it won’t be long before lives are started to be ransomed as well. Old films about pirates attacking, plundering goods, raping and killing passengers and stealing ships will become a reality.

Because of this, I’d like to spread the news about pirates being killed, arrested and slapped with heavy jail terms. Recently, a Spanish judge sentenced 2 Somali pirates to 439 years each for 36 counts of illegal detention. There must have been 36 crew members in the ship that they attacked. They were also ordered to pay 100,000 Euros to every person that they illegally detained.



The Middle East Now

People in the mid east right now are worried about major events in their lives and it has very little to do with vanity. Unlike most of us who are browsing the web for nitrix and other things that will make us look good, people in the Middle East are talking about regime changes, Kalashnikovs and ammo. For people like us under stable and democratic leadership, there is so much to be thankful for and it’s all because of our forefathers who made sure that the future generations will enjoy a better leaderships.