Different Strokes

With popularity rating down to 67% (from 75%) the Singaporean parliament was dissolved in order to pave way for general elections. What? Isn’t 67% high enough? Well, it’s apparently not as far as Singaporeans are concerned.

The government apparently feels that it needs a fresh mandate in order to get the needed reforms in place and revive an economy that is still the envy of many countries and yet, performing dismally for Singaporeans.


The Role of Technology in the Developing Times

A lot of people are jobless these days but employers looking for people vacancies for tech jobs continue to abound. That is because of the lack of people in this field nowadays where the world is leaning towards the increasing use of new technologies. Technology makes things happen quicker and more efficiently. Because of that, there are economies of scale in production and the end consumer benefits through better and cheaper products.


How To Win A Rebellion

If you want to rebel against a country and win, fight a bloody war, enter into peace negotiations, start a faction of your rebel group that will continue to fight. Repeat the process until you get the desired result.

Peace talks have always been better than resolving a conflict with war. This much was admitted by the PLO when a high official once said that a few years of talks gained them lots of land compared to decades of war which failed to give them even a square inch. The problem with some people however is the desire keep on fighting despite the prospects of peace.

The Hamas was organized despite the PLO’s reign of the land provided to the Palestine and violence continues. In the Philippines, the MILF was born and continues to fight despite the gains of the MNLF. And now that that the MILF is also in negotiations with the government, a new group was again formed. Notorious MILF leader Umbra Kato formed his own and most probably the fighting will continue.

When will this end? Well, until they get the desired result.