Personal Mementos

Whenever there are important events in the family such as my dad’s retirement day, mom’s 60th birthday and a niece’s first communion, I always visit for that personal memento that they will surely keep in a choice spot in their homes. Learning to give memorable gifts to important people in my life has never been so easy since I was introduced to the site.


I Think So

I wonder if my favorite athlete overdosed on his performance enhancing drugs. The excess energy, while not lethal made him a skirt chaser that became widely publicized and lead to his divorce and expensive separation of assets. Wow! I wonder what would have been the effect if he took the best creatine supplements instead. Maybe, he would have played well, if not better and still keep his sanity in check


Willing Participant?

How can an 11 year old be a willing participant in a sex act, sex acts, group sex, group sex with soo many males and being the solo female in sex with soo many males.

More disturbingly, how can parents, especially in the United States, even think that the girl was a willing participant. I thought that such thoughts can only come from people in backward civilizations. Little did I know that stupidity knows no boundaries.

Click the link to read about some -> Stupid Texans


Senor Fidel

Castro, sans his legendary cigars is still getting lots of attention. The legendary leader claims that the eventual invasion of Libya is the end result of the media conditioning that is happening now. According to the Cuban leader, the world stage is being conditioned by the US to justify the country’s next move which is to invade and control the oil rich country.

Recipe for Destruction

While I was able to get away with it during my youthful days, drinking and driving is something that I will strongly discourage. I agree that it is a strong recipe for disaster and lots of people die because of it every day. Where I come from, I read and hear news every day about people who perished because of drunk driving, especially those who are driving motorcycles. Don’t do it, buddy. I am pleading you.