A few days ago, it was reported that a Filipino seafarer was killed by Somali pirates. Out of the probably thousands of Filipino sailors captured by these scums of the earth, the other week's death was probably less than the 10th killing.

One or two days after such murder, pirates attacked an American yatch and held hostage 4 US citizens on board. A few days thereafter, the four were also killed. US special forces boarded the yacht and killed 2 pirates and captured 15 others. They also found 2 dead pirates which died prior to the assault.

In a Somali forum, one poster wrote that one of the dead pirates succumbed to a knife wound.

Good idea!

I hope all pirates die by knife wounds. Bullets kill too easily. Those scums deserve a slower and more painful death.


Look good all the time!

Together with a sound mind, a healthy body and a wrinkle less face; a president should also have no acne at all. It is therefore important that he has an acne treatment system close by, all the times. A country’s leader has the oddest and longest working hours than any citizen of his country. It is therefore not unusual for skin breakouts to come out and make a mess out of his face. A handy treatment medication is therefore a necessity for him.

Burn that fat!

The best fat burning exercises are mostly cardio vascular workouts designed to make the heart rate faster in order to make the body sweat off or burn excess fat and muscles. There are plenty of exercise videos nowadays with good looking celebrities demonstrating the workout procedures. However, I’ve just realized that sometimes, the workouts were not actually what made the celebrities look good. Some marketing professionals simply came up with the video as a money making idea. That in my book makes the videos look not a very reliable reference. Do your research first before buying any demo


The best anti wrinkle cream is what Barrack Obama, Noynoy Aquino, Muamar Khadafi and all the other world leaders need in order to look as nice as their campaign or propaganda posters. With so much stress in their bodies, it will not surprise me later on if they end up with thousands of skin folds in their foreheads. Life is not easy. But it is a thousand folds harder for our countries leaders.

Let's Play!

My football team is named OxyElite Pro. I thought it stood for an elite professional group of footballers but later on, I realized that it was most of the members preferred brand of diet supplement. When they told me about it, I thought they were kidding me. But when I saw their before and after photos, I realized why they adopted the brand name.



Some people just can’t get contented to earning a decent income. The rich pays way above minimum wage for helpers who change their nice bathroom rugs. Well, some of those rugs are so beautiful and maybe very expensive anyway. It therefore makes sense to pay well for people who will take care of them. In Somalia, some people resort t piracy in order to make money. Why can’t they just apply to become some rich man’s rug maintenance man? The wage will undoubtedly be better than being a lowly pirate.