Most Corrupt Countries (2011)

Transparency International has just released its Corruption Perception index. Leading the pack as the most corrupt country is Somalia and North Korea both # 182 and this is closely followed by Myanmar and Afghanistan who both shared the 180th spot. People were asked to rate their governments from 1~10 with 0 being the lowest and 10 being given to the country without corruption. North Korea and Somalia were both given a rating of 1 by its citizens and Myanmar and Afghanistan both got 1.5.

The United States Ranked #24 at 7.1 while the UK got 7.8 from its citizens and ranks #16. The cleanest government is said to be New Zealand which got a score of 9.5.

Where does the Philippines stand? It’s #129 with a grade of 2.6. Whoa!

This is however a big improvement for the country since its 2010 rank is #134


Relax, Baby!

After a hard day at work, I find it very relaxing to spend time in my clawfoot tub back home. If only I can have one installed in my office, I’d probably be a happy person. In relation to world events, I doubt if the late Muammar Khadaffy and the other strongmen in the world political theatre could have or still be able to relax in hot tubs. The problems of mass rallies against powerful regimes have become so strong that bullets cannot seem to work against them anymore.

Ski Glasses

Julbo Revolution Ski Goggles is my favorite piece of accessory when I am in the Swiss Alps. However, I also like using it whenever I am inspecting my iron works facility back home. It protects my eyes in the harsh snowy slopes against harsh weather. It also protects me from metal fragments that fly during the grinding process in my business address.


A Happy Day!

Shari's Berries cookies were served to us when we visited my sister yesterday and that alone made the trip more than worthwhile. I never thought that I could have cookies that taste that well but I did. Anyway, the visit lasted the whole day and therefore, discussions were a combination of light, funny and downright serious. However, the serious topics were a bit funny because it was about the state of our country’s politics and not about any grim family issues. Of course, I don’t know of any.


Great Vets

I wonder if there are lots of Veterinary Assistant Jobs in Libya. With the way they look at dogs, I don’t think they would get veterinarians to cure man’s best friend. In the US and most other countries, on the other hand, lots of people need vets thus the need for vet assistants. I hope that Vets would continue to be abundant in this planet. Vets make sure that the animals that keep us company are healthy and they also make sure that the animals that people eventually eat (cattle) are fit for human consumption.


Get One!

I wonder if when I can have michael kors watches because they don’t have it in stock in my favorite watch store. Speaking of watches, I remember reading old Time Magazine articles about leaders and the accompanying photos showed men in military uniforms or expensive suits wearing beautiful watches. It seems that watches do not simply fulfill the duty of telling the time but it also is a badge of power and/or success.


Welcome to the world's 7 billionth babies!

Have you ever wondered how it would feel to be live in a place with 7 billion people?

Wonder no more, we all now live in a planet with 7 billion people.



I am such a cigar lover that I am now in constant search for cheap cohiba cigars. I light up my cohibas to relax and celebrate joyous events. Last night, I watched a CNN feature that featured more than a hundred pirates being captured by the Somaliland Navy and I think it is a cause for celebration. Finally, the local government is doing something about this sea menace.


Download for Free!

My daughter likes to play musical videos in her PC and it really made her happy when I told her that there is a free youtube downloader software that can be found in the net. Because of that, she now lugs around an Ipod video where she stores a lot of photos, audio and videos that she got from you tube.

The boy that never grew up.

Last week, I went to a firing range where my sharpshooter friend taught me how to use the pistol for home defense. While going through it, I realized that I looked like an amateur and resolved that next time, I will get myself some tourmaster items so that I will like a blackwater commando in training or a paramilitary man, at the very least. Sometimes, it’s not just the performance that counts. Looks can also have a say to things.


What Now Libya?

Not that he needs it but Khadaffy should be one of the last people of the planet to ever worry about the absence of weight loss pills. With angry rebels running after his hide, he should be losing more and more weight as the days go by. If he is captured and treated well in jail, his weight should go back up as he relaxes while undergoing trial. What happens next will be beyond anyone’s forecasting abilities.

Lifestyle of the Rich and Powerful

I have friends who want me to build their houses. I ought to sell them the idea of installing single bowl undermount sinks in their kitchens and lavatories. Being a part of the “newly rich” class, they want to have beautiful new houses so that they can enjoy the fruits of their labor. I suggest that they try to gather enough info about the houses of the former Libyan strongman or even Mubarak. Those people certainly know how to live well and they can probably get an idea or two about housing design from those long time rulers.


Getting a new Machine

With my office PC about to give up on me, I am thinking of checking out the latest hp mini laptops and getting one for my office use. HP computers have faithfully served me during the past decade and I have no reason to change brands. HP products have always been durable and I have always gotten my money’s worth. I hope that this satisfaction will last for a long time for I don’t really have time to shop around for a new supplier.


My beautiful garage

While cleaning my garage floor, I wonder if the most effective dog urine odor removal formula will be able to remove the stench of corruption in my country. Corrupt government officials emit strong foul odor that even the most expensive perfume will not be able to mask it. Bad odor removal chemicals are good but the stench of rotten flesh might just be too heavy even for it.

Anyway, enough of those kinds of thoughts, for now. As far as my family is concerned, my garage is fresh smelling once more. Of course, that will only be until my door urinates on my car tires again.


One Laptop Per Chiild

Last week, I was contacted by a friend who was involved in a project to supply refurbished laptops to all kids in public schools in the country. Well, a laptop, for as long as it works, is a laptop. Kids who has very little access to quality books can surf the net and find the answers to almost anything that they need. I think one good lesson that teachers can teach the kids is how to effectively search the internet.

Life is Uncertain

I hope there’s low cost life insurance available in the troubled lands today. Life seems to be so cheap in areas like Libya where rape and murder is reported to be a weapon of war, Sudan with its mass graves and several other countries. I don’t know why but it’s clear to me that when life seems to be uncertain, it pays to have life insurance for the sake of the family that one will leave behind.

My own RV

I have just bought my first Recreational Vehicle (RV), on my own and oh boy, I am so happy. The previous ones were hand me downs from my dad and now, it’s something that I saved up for and meticulously chosen from several RV models by different manufacturers. I will now be going on frequent out of town trips and this RV will come in very handy for sure. I am not worried at all because there are handy guys that will respond fast to any rv travel emergency so I am guessing that life in an RV will be pure bliss.


Funny Designs

Why not design funny t shirts for every world event?

The whole world was taken by surprise with the sudden death of Osama Bin Laden. With most people afraid of what disaster he might bring, his death at the hands of American Special Forces troops had become one of the hottest stories of the decade. It is therefore a good idea to come out with shirts and other memorabilia that will mark this event.


War Heroes

If I have scanner software, I would have digitized an article about brave men in history who makes action figures in film look like choir boys. There’s this guy who killed hundreds with a farm rifle and also annihilated several sniper teams that were sent to hunt him. All of those things, he did by his lonesome in a freezing forest with only a lunch pack and a few kilograms of bullets to supplement his determined body and old rifle.

Harry Potter.. No More!

Lying in Big Agnes Sleeping Bags, we watched movies after movies while sipping our favorite drinks and digging into bags of chips. My daughter remarked that she felt bad that Daniel Radcliff is not interested in appearing in future “Harry Potter” movies. Well, the boy had grown into a man but still, he can act the role. However, my thoughts were eloquently delivered when I told her;
“Wait til he rans out of money..”


Trade War WIth China?

I heard over the radio that some sectors are advocating that the Philippines retaliate against China’s saber rattling at the Spratly Islands by putting a stop to the imports coming from that country. Without China doing anything, it will be the Philippines on the losing end. Most of the raw materials being used by the Philippine exporters are imported from China. The same holds true for the raw materials used for the domestic consumption. Therefore, if the Philippines will start buying from elsewhere, its export market will be greatly reduced because China is the cheapest source of raw materials. Philippine exports will become less competitive. Domestic prices will also increase and God knows what else. Need I say more?


Trim em', Boy!

Ghadaffy’s beard must have grown so thick and long that he will need echo trimmers simply to trim of cut em’. Lack of sleep contributes to fast beard and hair growth and who can be more sleep deprived in this world compared to Khadaffy. Without those heavy duty cutters, he will probably look much worse than the pied piper, after his retirement.

How to look good on TV

Brother Khadaffy must have googled the terms, “how to get rid of dark circles under my eyes” several times within the past couple of months. If you are constantly running away and narrowly escaping from NATO bombardment that uses intelligent target seeking missiles, you’d also be looking so haggard despite thick layers of makeup that assistants so generously smear into your face before any television appearance.



A typical weekend for many males starts early morning when they load their golf swing sets into the trunk of their cars and they drive towards the golf course. A game sans a golf cart should be very good for one feels exhausted after the match. However, those who do this exercise for the benefit of their sexual health should think again. An easier way is to lose ones religion and guilt and their sex lives should improve. At least, that what one survey says.

A High Paying Job

I should get myself a t shirts printed with "English Afghan Language Specialist"

If you want to make good money quickly, learn the Afghan language as fast as you can. It was recently revealed in a survey that
"The average salary for a linguist or interpreter who speaks Dari is $187,000 and it’s $193,000 for those who speak Pashto."
And with the rest of the world predicted to descend to the relatively unexplored country for the next few years, the savings should be good enough to buy land and retire in a warm beach island in the Pacific.


Improve My Game

In a few weeks, I will be celebrating my birthday and since nobody but myself can give me the gift that I want, I will be shopping for a golf pda gps system that I can use to record my game and also be used as a tool in studying how to improve my game. A GPS system is the best tool that ever came out since the game itself was invented.


Pirates Sentenced to 439 years

I can’t help but mention it here. I wrote about Somali pirates who have been sowing terror in the seas by commandeering ocean vessels and holding it for ransom. The results are higher insurance premiums for shipping vessels, higher freight costs of international cargo and more importantly, dangers to seafarers. If this trend will continue, it won’t be long before lives are started to be ransomed as well. Old films about pirates attacking, plundering goods, raping and killing passengers and stealing ships will become a reality.

Because of this, I’d like to spread the news about pirates being killed, arrested and slapped with heavy jail terms. Recently, a Spanish judge sentenced 2 Somali pirates to 439 years each for 36 counts of illegal detention. There must have been 36 crew members in the ship that they attacked. They were also ordered to pay 100,000 Euros to every person that they illegally detained.



The Middle East Now

People in the mid east right now are worried about major events in their lives and it has very little to do with vanity. Unlike most of us who are browsing the web for nitrix and other things that will make us look good, people in the Middle East are talking about regime changes, Kalashnikovs and ammo. For people like us under stable and democratic leadership, there is so much to be thankful for and it’s all because of our forefathers who made sure that the future generations will enjoy a better leaderships.


Different Strokes

With popularity rating down to 67% (from 75%) the Singaporean parliament was dissolved in order to pave way for general elections. What? Isn’t 67% high enough? Well, it’s apparently not as far as Singaporeans are concerned.

The government apparently feels that it needs a fresh mandate in order to get the needed reforms in place and revive an economy that is still the envy of many countries and yet, performing dismally for Singaporeans.


The Role of Technology in the Developing Times

A lot of people are jobless these days but employers looking for people vacancies for tech jobs continue to abound. That is because of the lack of people in this field nowadays where the world is leaning towards the increasing use of new technologies. Technology makes things happen quicker and more efficiently. Because of that, there are economies of scale in production and the end consumer benefits through better and cheaper products.


How To Win A Rebellion

If you want to rebel against a country and win, fight a bloody war, enter into peace negotiations, start a faction of your rebel group that will continue to fight. Repeat the process until you get the desired result.

Peace talks have always been better than resolving a conflict with war. This much was admitted by the PLO when a high official once said that a few years of talks gained them lots of land compared to decades of war which failed to give them even a square inch. The problem with some people however is the desire keep on fighting despite the prospects of peace.

The Hamas was organized despite the PLO’s reign of the land provided to the Palestine and violence continues. In the Philippines, the MILF was born and continues to fight despite the gains of the MNLF. And now that that the MILF is also in negotiations with the government, a new group was again formed. Notorious MILF leader Umbra Kato formed his own and most probably the fighting will continue.

When will this end? Well, until they get the desired result.


Personal Mementos

Whenever there are important events in the family such as my dad’s retirement day, mom’s 60th birthday and a niece’s first communion, I always visit for that personal memento that they will surely keep in a choice spot in their homes. Learning to give memorable gifts to important people in my life has never been so easy since I was introduced to the site.


I Think So

I wonder if my favorite athlete overdosed on his performance enhancing drugs. The excess energy, while not lethal made him a skirt chaser that became widely publicized and lead to his divorce and expensive separation of assets. Wow! I wonder what would have been the effect if he took the best creatine supplements instead. Maybe, he would have played well, if not better and still keep his sanity in check


Willing Participant?

How can an 11 year old be a willing participant in a sex act, sex acts, group sex, group sex with soo many males and being the solo female in sex with soo many males.

More disturbingly, how can parents, especially in the United States, even think that the girl was a willing participant. I thought that such thoughts can only come from people in backward civilizations. Little did I know that stupidity knows no boundaries.

Click the link to read about some -> Stupid Texans


Senor Fidel

Castro, sans his legendary cigars is still getting lots of attention. The legendary leader claims that the eventual invasion of Libya is the end result of the media conditioning that is happening now. According to the Cuban leader, the world stage is being conditioned by the US to justify the country’s next move which is to invade and control the oil rich country.

Recipe for Destruction

While I was able to get away with it during my youthful days, drinking and driving is something that I will strongly discourage. I agree that it is a strong recipe for disaster and lots of people die because of it every day. Where I come from, I read and hear news every day about people who perished because of drunk driving, especially those who are driving motorcycles. Don’t do it, buddy. I am pleading you.



A few days ago, it was reported that a Filipino seafarer was killed by Somali pirates. Out of the probably thousands of Filipino sailors captured by these scums of the earth, the other week's death was probably less than the 10th killing.

One or two days after such murder, pirates attacked an American yatch and held hostage 4 US citizens on board. A few days thereafter, the four were also killed. US special forces boarded the yacht and killed 2 pirates and captured 15 others. They also found 2 dead pirates which died prior to the assault.

In a Somali forum, one poster wrote that one of the dead pirates succumbed to a knife wound.

Good idea!

I hope all pirates die by knife wounds. Bullets kill too easily. Those scums deserve a slower and more painful death.


Look good all the time!

Together with a sound mind, a healthy body and a wrinkle less face; a president should also have no acne at all. It is therefore important that he has an acne treatment system close by, all the times. A country’s leader has the oddest and longest working hours than any citizen of his country. It is therefore not unusual for skin breakouts to come out and make a mess out of his face. A handy treatment medication is therefore a necessity for him.

Burn that fat!

The best fat burning exercises are mostly cardio vascular workouts designed to make the heart rate faster in order to make the body sweat off or burn excess fat and muscles. There are plenty of exercise videos nowadays with good looking celebrities demonstrating the workout procedures. However, I’ve just realized that sometimes, the workouts were not actually what made the celebrities look good. Some marketing professionals simply came up with the video as a money making idea. That in my book makes the videos look not a very reliable reference. Do your research first before buying any demo


The best anti wrinkle cream is what Barrack Obama, Noynoy Aquino, Muamar Khadafi and all the other world leaders need in order to look as nice as their campaign or propaganda posters. With so much stress in their bodies, it will not surprise me later on if they end up with thousands of skin folds in their foreheads. Life is not easy. But it is a thousand folds harder for our countries leaders.

Let's Play!

My football team is named OxyElite Pro. I thought it stood for an elite professional group of footballers but later on, I realized that it was most of the members preferred brand of diet supplement. When they told me about it, I thought they were kidding me. But when I saw their before and after photos, I realized why they adopted the brand name.



Some people just can’t get contented to earning a decent income. The rich pays way above minimum wage for helpers who change their nice bathroom rugs. Well, some of those rugs are so beautiful and maybe very expensive anyway. It therefore makes sense to pay well for people who will take care of them. In Somalia, some people resort t piracy in order to make money. Why can’t they just apply to become some rich man’s rug maintenance man? The wage will undoubtedly be better than being a lowly pirate.


Be Safe and not Sorry!

With me on a pill diet, my main attention is in doing it safely. Finding the safest fat burners that work is the holy grail of all diet supplements. With fat being burned effectively, people need not starve themselves to half death but still lose weight until they reach their ideal weight. Where will I find that supplement? I will tell you soon.


After scouting the web for reviews, I feel that I am now ready to start with one of the best fast weight loss diets. I am now over 250 lbs and after a month, I should be weighing a lot less. Good health is far more important than lots of mullah and that’s exactly what I will subscribe to for the rest of my life. Salut!

Read Read Read!

I am now in the market for weight loss supplements but before I do that, I ought to read some diet pill reviews from reliable sources. Some websites are filled with false testimonies from the website creators themselves. Not only are customers being duped by false testimonies, they are also in danger of getting ill from taking pills which may not be suited for them. Read and analyze the reviews and counter check it before you buy anything.


In Asia, Hong Kong should be one of the places where one can buy home audio speakers and other electronic gadgets and appliances at low low prices. Buying it in Japan is cheap because of the high rental costs of retail shops. Buying it Taiwan gives the same results for pretty much the same reason. China is a promising venue but with the counterfeit problem still being around, HK remains the most viable place. Rental rates in HK is high, but taxes there are very low, hence, low retail prices.

Can 'em baby!

If only the Philippines can implement a system where a barcode scanner is installed in every entrance to warehouses, everything that goes in and out of a factory or warehouse will be scanned and recorded. Everything that goes out will be compared to the inventory to be done every year and anything out of the ordinary should cause an alarm. Tax collection should rise dramatically because of that.


Doing IT right!

It’s always good for companies to have their For one, managed portals have more and better IT personnel. Secondly, they are more updated with trends and threats that are all over. Availing of a managed hosting service is like outsourcing IT services to the best people at lesser cost. One needs to spend a lot in order to have its own inventory of competent people and updated equipment. portals avail of managed hosting services.

The Brand Had Matured!

In this country,Samsung LCD televisions rule the market. Gone were the days when it was just a newly introduced brand with good quality but low priced products. Today, that seems to be not the case. Samsung, it seems is on top of the price lists but sales seem to be at its highest. People looking for LCD TV’s would not just buy and LCD TV. They all dream of getting a Samsung!


Go Get It!

After having my new office renovated to fit my tastes, I realized that I am not yet through. Or one, I do not have office supplies yet. I do not have a bond papers, fasteners, folders, etc. I do not even have a new PC yet. In my haste to finish the architectural works, I totally forgot to get myself the more important things that I need work materials!