My Testament!

Instead of reading the news, it is oftentimes more rewarding to read medical literature written by the common man. Like wrinkle cream reviews for instance. Such literature may be devoid of scientific logic but if straight from the heart, is very helpful in guiding the consumer in choosing the right things to buy and use in his/ her body. Human testimony is a sure proof that things work or fail.

Ha ha ha!

I wonder why the Somali pirates are very relentless in assaulting helpless merchant vessels. I hope they get their dreams of being able to afford male enhancement products for their small manhood. I reckon that with all the attacks on unsuspecting and helpless people, they should be nothing but very small where it matters. Why can’t they attack the defended ships and find out for themselves what the word “Armed Opposition” means.

To each his own

Somebody told me that not all of the elderly are in need of regular calcium supplement. Those that don’t need it, but still take those pills, are in danger of growing calcium stones in their kidneys. However, there are those who are very young that are in serious need of calcium. I am, unfortunately, one of those who need calcium supplements. I have to buy my regular stash in order to keep my bones strong and healthy.

Internal Brakes

If only man can have a brembo brake system in his body, a lot of unfortunate incidents would have been avoided. If the Korean general who ordered the shelling of his Southern neighbor had the their guts to stop his order, some people would have been alive today. If the leaders in the north used Brembo to apply brakes in their murderous minds, there would have been no shelling and the world would have been dealing with other problems today.


Prada is such a nice brand that I even bought my girlfriend a pair of sunglasses with that brand. What surprised me a bit is the Prada logo that I saw when a TV feature showed Regatta, the most expensive sport in the world. It seems that the brand had gone further into the highest end of the societies social class and it’s doing very well. Nice one!


Yesterday's Menace

I remember reading one of those James Clavell novels about a British Taipan in Hongkong. While overseeing some matters one fine day, he was approached by a man who heard that he had found the herpes cure. The Taipan remarked that if he had, he would be the richest man in the world and he need not work anymore. Indeed, during that that time, herpes had no known cure and its much like the aids that threatens the world today.

My Search Term For The Day

In my quest for a leaner me, I will search the net looking for an answer to the question; “Does apidexin work?” People have told me that it does but it doesn’t hurt me a bit if I will do some research before trying any new product, especially if I will pop it into my mouth. In fact, I will probably ask my friendly doc.

Cyber Monday

Tomorrow would be Cyber Monday. I will be looking for new accessories for my laptop and I hope that it will make my general surfing experience more fun. Back in the good old United States, I realized that the Obama administration is facing challenges after challenges. The jurisdiction of the civilian judge trying the first court case against a Guantanamo detainee is being questioned. Some argue that the accused should be tried in a military court instead of the civilian justice system that currently has jurisdiction. Let’s see how this argument will progress.


Sea Menaces

If you’ll wipe a cartridge full of xerox toner into your body, you can probably be mistaken for a pirate, the type that roams the seas off the Somalian coast. Those guys are still at it today and it just disappoints me that the sea is so vast that so many naval patrols have been unable to scare those people away. I hope that the different armies in the coast would have every square inch of that sea under surveillance 24/7.



I heard that a friend got into trouble when a customer failed to pay for the fashion jewelry that she sold. She was expecting a decent profit but ended up losing badly. Court cases after court cases almost took her down but a good lawyer and a financial adviser helped. They negotiated a settlement with the creditors and my friend was able to bounce back. Good!