Removing Acne Scars

During the seventies, acne scar removal was virtually unheard of. People who suffered from acne scars had to bear with the psychological scars that came with it. Today, there are many ways of treating the superficial imperfection. Light peeling and surgical procedures are now safe, effective and largely affordable that people can now avail of it. Scar removal is not only cosmetic in nature. It allows people to become more confident of their looks and in my workplace, I like nothing better than people who are confident in their looks.

Safety in Diet

Are diet pills safe? This is the question that a lot of people are asking. A few years ago, a scandal broke out in my country after a dangerous substance that can cause brain hemorrhage was found in some diet formulas. The concerned brands were banned for distribution and since then, a number of diet pills came out. There are a lot of effective and safe diet supplements in the market nowadays. The question would therefore be—which ones are safe and effective. In my case, I always ask my doctor before trying anything.


I Love My Canon

Some people just have no class. I was issued an old digital camera by my boss and by force majeure, meaning, natural calamity, it was rendered useless. I bought the latest Canon camera and used it for work. When it was time for me to resign, the cheap and classless guy, w ho without my knowledge took fancy on my nice camera, demanded that I surrender my gadget to them, because of the camera that I lost. I told them that the canon website still advertise my expensive cam in its website and it is too pricey as an equivalent to their antiquated phone. I then told them that I will buy an exact replacement to their old camera and surrender it to them. Ha!

New Office

I am looking for a VeloBind machine for my new office. In the old one, I used the combo bind type and after several years, I have gotten tired of it. Besides, just about every other company uses combo binds. I need to have something different to make my company profiles, business proposals and other documents very professional looking.

Do you think I am doing the right thing or am I overspending?



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