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In these times of economic despair, I believe that health care jobs will continue to be in demand. Bad times mean more people losing their temper, self confidence and health in general. That means that people that are currently working for the health care system will be in short supply all of a sudden as the claims and emergency cases increase. I suggest that health care jobs be on the top of people’s wish list during these times because it is probably there where they have higher chances of landing jobs.


Save and Work Harder

I ought to start collecting coupons in order to make my money last a little longer. With the global economy still in dire straits, all that we can do is thank the stars that it is not as bad as we thought it would be and that we are still alive and healthy. After that, we have to save our precious resources and spend very little. This should also be followed by plans to make our lives a little easier and more comfortable.


Freakin Pirates!

They terrorize the trading routes and take hundreds of seamen prisoners for months at a time. As a result, world trade is heavily threatened and I will not be surprised if the cost of sea freight and marine insurance would drastically increase.

In their localities however, they become matinee idols. These ugly bastards get to marry the most beautiful maidens in their towns and they get to build the most beautiful houses. It is not unusual therefore, for kids to idolize and try to emulate these rough necks.

What has this world gotten into?