Digital Frames

Just a few years ago, I made a lot of articles about the digital frame and its role as a picture and video frame as well as a family photo album. I have always known that the product will become a hit and I am not mistaken. Even in far away countries, there are now digital frames being sold in electronic shops and it seems to me that people have indeed caught on the concept and has started to discard heavy photo albums in favor of the digital frame.


A Pro's Insurance

If I become a pro golfer, I should be able to get a good term life insurance quotes for I will always be on tour. I will be hoping from one plane to another or getting into bus rides from time to time, in order to get from one tournament to another. It would be a bummer if I will meet a road or plane accident but it would ne a bigger bummer if I will turn out to be sans the protection of a good insurance company.

My Golf Idol

Weight loss products are good for me; I do not want to look like the old John Daly, my idol in golf drives. Even the great John went to docs in order to correct his weight, I should do the same. At this point, my driving distance is close to that of pros. I should practice a bit more and get the services of good teachers and before long, I should be winning local tournaments.

Golf Vs. Tennis

I have been exercising very religiously but it seems that I need some good fat burner supplements. My problem is, my sport is golf and even if I hit the fairways often, there is not enough cardio exercise in the sport that can make me lose a lot of weight fast. I have noticed though that weight loss is also coming but it’s not as heavy as those being shed by people who are into tennis.


Weight Loss For Public Officials

One good thing about being a good public official is that there is very little need for weight loss pills. The work by itself is very stressful, not to mention it being plentiful. I have friends whose dads are public officials and for their fathers, a regular day ends early the following day and the next one starts a couple of hours after. But for most people, the need for regular exercises, dieting and perhaps, weight loss pills is the reality.

Lady Justice Secretary

It has been generally observed that there isn’t much need for hair loss products for women. I say that because I have seen very few bald women in the few decades of existence. However, If you are a woman and in charge of implementing justice in the high crime rate country called the Philippines, You will probably need to look at your hair from time to time and check the need for hair care/ loss products. Good Luck, Secretary De Lima.

A bit of Vanity for Noy

With the high bar of honesty in public service, a hair transplant isn’t the only thing that the balding young president will need. President Noynoy Aquino of the Philipines will need a lot of the best wrinkle cream because of the high corruption levels in the country as well as the fact that he needs a lot of time getting from one place to another. The new president has barred the use of sirens and blinkers and therefore, he will now get caught in traffic unlike the previous leaders of the country.

High Hopes For P-Noy

In the Philippines, there is much hope for the majority of the people after an overwhelmingly popular candidate won. In the public school sector, that is badly in need of school furniture, classrooms and school buildings per se, the election of President Noynoy Aquino makes hundreds of thousands of teachers very optimistic that their dreams would finally come true and that the country’s backlog for materials, infrastructure and teachers will finally be eliminated.