Chicken or Egg, Condom or Kids?

This is quite a chicken or egg situation, if you will ask my opinion. Most people's morality find it unacceptable to teach kids the use of condoms. After all, they're not even supposed to be having sex that early. However, the fact remains that a lot of them do and that comes with the usual pregnancy and STD issues.

If you are a parent or the head of state, what choice will you make? Will you teach the use of contraceptives and safe sex? Or, will you ask them to go blind on this issue, while they are still young?

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Sachin said...

I am 15 years old now...I did not know anything about sex and condoms and all that stuff when I was young. I did not make any mistakes either. I am happy that my parents did not tell me till I was mature enough to take the news. If they told me then, I would probably be out there making bad mitakes that would effect my future horribly. Thanks Mom and Dad...