Chicken or Egg, Condom or Kids?

This is quite a chicken or egg situation, if you will ask my opinion. Most people's morality find it unacceptable to teach kids the use of condoms. After all, they're not even supposed to be having sex that early. However, the fact remains that a lot of them do and that comes with the usual pregnancy and STD issues.

If you are a parent or the head of state, what choice will you make? Will you teach the use of contraceptives and safe sex? Or, will you ask them to go blind on this issue, while they are still young?

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People in Pitiful States

I somehow pity those highly paid corporate execs in their designer ties. Those guys are being lambasted by the entire planet for the massive oil leak that has become an environmental disaster and most people all over the world know their names. Of course, a big part of the disaster is their responsibility. However, it is just my nature to pity those who are headed downhill.


Read the Label

I am not fully aware of diet pill side effects but for sure, those who are not into weight loss supplements don’t experience it. For those who are into diet pills or are planning to take one should carefully read the label of the pills that they are planning to take and conduct further research. Anything that enters your system should be fully certified to be safe and beneficial.


Dreaming of the World Cup

With the World Cup currently sweeping the entire planet, I wonder when my country will be able to become a serious contender for the title. With all the refurbished fitness equipment that our athletes are using, I am not sure if we can produce a team that will turn out to be at par with the others. The used equipments is not the issue, actually. It is a symptom of the lack of funding. Refurbished gym equipments works very well but I wonder what else they will send “Second Hand”.



At this point, the best weight loss products differ from one person to another. If you are an Israeli, it is probably a very good weight loss idea to become a spokesperson for the government that ordered the attack on the flotilla bound for Gaza. If you are an activist, the most radical method is probably being a passenger of the flotilla that got involved in the violent arrests.


Shape Up!

To the officers who planned and executed the recent flotilla fiasco, I would recommend that they buy elliptical machines to keep both their minds and bodies in great shape. Their plan made them look like amateurs who planned very clumsily. The event makes me wonder what happened to the military that did the surgical strike in Entebbe. Those guys performed splendidly well unlike their descendants now who seem to fail in most cases.

Wrong wrong move..

The Israelis who chose the kind of attack on the Gaza bound flotilla should take weight loss supplements regularly. They must be heavy with cholesterol that they were not able to think correctly. Whatever the conditions of that time were, the end shows that they made the wrong move. Ten dead activists makes the incident look like a heavy firefight. The thing is, it wasn’t. It was more like a crowd control operation that turned into a massacre.

Hot Headed People

It seems that we need more Obama’s as world leaders. Unlike some who are very hot headed, that guy needs no cholesterol treatments for he is very healthy. Israel’s leaders blundered politically by sending a poor tactician to handle the flotilla of ships trying to slip through the Gaza blockade. There needed to be no death on the part of the activists. The Israelis should have made a good risks assessment and decided to simply disable the ships. Instead, they sent a boarding party on a heavily populated ship and what happened was a disaster.

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