Leader's Clothing

It is quite unusual for presidents to be seen wearing round necked shirts and jeans. Most of the time, they are in their business suits and during not so formal times, they wear men's polo shirts under a business jacket. Presidents are not supposed to wear very rugged attire, even if they are in ground breaking ceremonies. Just because they will be in construction sites, doesn’t mean that they should look like a street punk. A construction worker’s uniform would be the most acceptable alternative to that formal suit.


Poor Seafarers?

I hope that seafarers would still be eligible for competitive health insurance quotes. With the Somali pirates continuing to terrorize the seas, I am afraid that insurance companies would start to increase premium rates if not totally refuse to insure our heroes of the sea. Life as a seaman is very tough and lonely. It is therefore unthinkable for those people to lose interest in their jobs because of refusal of insurance companies to cover them.


Mar's Woes

In the Philippines, one should gift vice presidential candidate Mar Roxas with a bottle of wrinkle cream. Following the leader with a difference of about 700 thousand votes, there is hope of an eventual upset. However, the gap is not very small and with it remaining the same since the day of the polls, the stress that results can be a killer for the people in his team.


In Thailand, the television is a good appetite suppressant in this season of street turmoil. In other places however, people turn to generic Phentermine for cheap appetite suppressants. According to Wikipedia, as of press time, Phentermine is an “approved as an appetite suppressant to help reduce weight in obese patients when used short-term and combined with exercise, diet, and behavioral modification.” Approved? That means it’s a good formula!

Thailand Street Violence

In Thailand, there can be no better type of appetite suppressants than the television. There is this Red General, a two starrer who has taken the side of anti government demonstrators who stuck by a sniper’s bullet while being interviewed. Televisions broadcast gory scenes from the street and wounded and bloody bodies being carried and attended to is a regular fare.

Technical Writers Today

Yahoo has just published a list of high paying but low stressed jobs and in it is the position of technical writer. A technical writer starts the day by moving from his bed and settles comfortably into his patio cushions, drink a cup of coffee and types away. Such a work is indeed stress free. However, it can be bad for the human body that seldom exerts any effort all day long.


Who would have thought..

I’ll put it in shipping boxes and send it to them!

I was once kidding a friend during a high school lunch. He stopped eating with his tray still half full and I reminded him of the starving kids in poor countries who had nothing to eat. His reply was, “I’ll pack it in shipping… ..send it to them!” Such a nerve coming from a high school friend but now, several years later, that young man has now turned into a UN volunteer working in poor countries.