Noriega Extradited to France

As I was typing my last post, I read a headline on CNN that former Panamian dictator, Noriega was extradited to France. The guy served his sentence in a US jail after which, he was extradited to France to stand trial for another case. I wonder what the verdict will be. Wikipedia has a handful of info about the guy and if you are wondering who Noriega is, look it up.

Do What You Love

I am thinking of shifting to a new job. I think that I will make good money by blogging reviews like nuphedragen reviews, for instance. Of course, I will only write about things that I have personally tried and the reviews will be fair and coming straight from the heart. Will I really do it? Why not? Do what you love doing and you will prosper.

Info Age?

If you are looking for supplements, click here for more information. Years ago, I was shown small booklets that sold for 7 pieces to a dollar. The booklets contained information about various items like vitamins, grammar, basic computing, etc.. The guy who showed me the booklet correctly predicted that this is the information age and people are hungry for lots of knowledge. But now, people don’t buy those booklets anymore. A few key strokes in the PC and overwhelming info comes pouring in.


Oh no!

It’s been four months since Christmas and I am yet to stop eating. You can just imagine the amount of weight that I gained. It is therefore not surprising for people to find out that I am in desperate search for the best diet pills in the market. Weight gain is such a big deal for most people as they age. Of course, this is not the story when they were in their teens.


Yep, It;s True!

In most countries around the world, looking for an unlocked phone is not easy compared to when one is in the Philippines. In Manila for instance, phone manufacturers sell phones that are not locked to any carrier. This is on top of neighborhood establishments that offer unlocking services to just about anyone and any phone brand. Of course, there are legal implications to some unlocking services but for most of the clients getting their phones unlocked, their situations are perfectly legal.


Clean Energy

I have always believed that ellipticals and other types of gym equipments can be used to create clean energy. I have seen a jail research project in the Philippines where a stationary bike was modified to become a car battery charger. If that is the case, it will not be difficult to create thread mills and other gym devices that will provide clean energy to households.