Those Devils Of The Sea

For the fat Somalian pirates, no amount of colon and body cleanse is going to rid their souls of the fact that they are feeding on the suffering of poor sailors and their families. Those rascals are also feeding on the hunger of people who suffer for failing to receive much needed food and economic goods because their vessels have been hijacked.

How about Laxatives?

It seems that a lot of local merchants are getting fat in Somalia. The reason? They are making good money by financing Piracy. These guys would raise heaven and hell just to be able to get their hands to some adipex p. If I were a vessel owner, I would ship laxatives to these people, the kind that is potent for weeks. That should somehow teach them that whoever their gods are, they are being watched and will be punished.

Dealing with Pirates

In this site, I have dedicated countless posts regarding piracy in the high seas. In most instances, the post focused on Somalian pirates that are terrorizing most of the worlds merchant vessels. I wonder, if instead of paying these people ransom money, what if the vessel owners simply offer discounted eczema treatments? They may call it insulting but that should be the way people should deal with lawless elements.


Looking Back

The term door hardware is quite special for me, more than most people in the construction industry. It is because, about a decade ago, I was in the construction industry working as an architectural hardware consultant. Those days were difficult on the first year. But after that, it was a breeze. I became quite good in it and I got plenty of satisfied clients. I am in a totally difficult industry now but I still look back at those days with happiness in my heart.


What Are You?

Whether you are a tourist in the Maldives, an American in Iraq or Afghanistan or a mountain climber in Mount Everest, there is no denying the fact that you need life insurance. People, even in what most people think are the safest places in the planet still need a fund that will help them when emergencies come. During the times of need, personal money always seem to be not enough