Fat Capone?

I wonder, was Capone so fat and in need of weight loss products during his final days in jail? Perhaps. Perhaps not. Prison life can be largely composed of hard labor or solitary confinement. Perhaps, Capone was largely in solitary. That’s what I’ll do if I want him out of touch with his generals, lieutenants and everybody else that can help him further his worthless cause.

A Fit Barak!

Watching Amanpour on CNN, I saw Israel’s Barak arguing for sanctions against Iran. I thought the guy looked he lost some weight and looks very healthy. It’s good to see politicians losing weight and looking very fit. It gives the impression that they are really working and that work and public service had served as an all natural fat burner. This is in so much contrast to fat politicians that I wrote about in this blog a few times. I want to skewer them like kebabs!


When I was a little kid, I also took my share of multivitamins for vertical growth, strength, mass and generally good health. Perhaps, it worked. But there are people who took a lot but remained shorter than their preferred heights. Well, there are some things that can’t be explained by Science at this stage. Eventually, a lot of things will come to light and it will only be then when we can start doing things the right way. let’s invest in scientific research.

Growing Taller

I have some vertically challenged friends who are in search for the best human growth hormone. Not that I am very tall myself but there are just some of us who feels they deserve more share of the vertical space. I believe that life is good for most of us despite all our problems. There are some however, who wants more from this world and they will move heaven and earth to attain it. It’s not really bad, in my opinion. Of course, it depends on a lot of things.


Fearsome Creature!

The other blog’s funny post about Chuck Norris seems to further immortalize one of America’s ultimate action/ martial arts heroes. But mind you, despite his age, a possibility that Chuckie ol’ man would be going after your hide should be more than enough reason to bring intense fear into your whole body. It will require good wrinkle filler to make the fear go away, from one’s face. Go Chuck Norris, Take em' down!


Be Practical

With the economy continuing to move downwards, people should always be on the lookout for the Best Buy of all the items that they need. Best buy means not only the cheapest but also the most practical items. One should learn how to identify multipurpose products (like the multipurpose flour) in order to prevent them from buying things redundantly. Now, that’s being practical.