Insurance for all!

In my country, getting a 5th wheel insurance is not as difficult as getting a life and/or accident insurance for seafarers who will be using the route often attacked by pirates. Yes, I am referring to the areas around Somalia where piracy had become one of the country’s most profitable businesses. The place had no real functioning government for two decades already and the economy is very bad, Because of that, a lot of people had resorted to kidnapping on the ground of piracy in the high seas.


My Testament!

Instead of reading the news, it is oftentimes more rewarding to read medical literature written by the common man. Like wrinkle cream reviews for instance. Such literature may be devoid of scientific logic but if straight from the heart, is very helpful in guiding the consumer in choosing the right things to buy and use in his/ her body. Human testimony is a sure proof that things work or fail.

Ha ha ha!

I wonder why the Somali pirates are very relentless in assaulting helpless merchant vessels. I hope they get their dreams of being able to afford male enhancement products for their small manhood. I reckon that with all the attacks on unsuspecting and helpless people, they should be nothing but very small where it matters. Why can’t they attack the defended ships and find out for themselves what the word “Armed Opposition” means.

To each his own

Somebody told me that not all of the elderly are in need of regular calcium supplement. Those that don’t need it, but still take those pills, are in danger of growing calcium stones in their kidneys. However, there are those who are very young that are in serious need of calcium. I am, unfortunately, one of those who need calcium supplements. I have to buy my regular stash in order to keep my bones strong and healthy.

Internal Brakes

If only man can have a brembo brake system in his body, a lot of unfortunate incidents would have been avoided. If the Korean general who ordered the shelling of his Southern neighbor had the their guts to stop his order, some people would have been alive today. If the leaders in the north used Brembo to apply brakes in their murderous minds, there would have been no shelling and the world would have been dealing with other problems today.


Prada is such a nice brand that I even bought my girlfriend a pair of sunglasses with that brand. What surprised me a bit is the Prada logo that I saw when a TV feature showed Regatta, the most expensive sport in the world. It seems that the brand had gone further into the highest end of the societies social class and it’s doing very well. Nice one!


Yesterday's Menace

I remember reading one of those James Clavell novels about a British Taipan in Hongkong. While overseeing some matters one fine day, he was approached by a man who heard that he had found the herpes cure. The Taipan remarked that if he had, he would be the richest man in the world and he need not work anymore. Indeed, during that that time, herpes had no known cure and its much like the aids that threatens the world today.

My Search Term For The Day

In my quest for a leaner me, I will search the net looking for an answer to the question; “Does apidexin work?” People have told me that it does but it doesn’t hurt me a bit if I will do some research before trying any new product, especially if I will pop it into my mouth. In fact, I will probably ask my friendly doc.

Cyber Monday

Tomorrow would be Cyber Monday. I will be looking for new accessories for my laptop and I hope that it will make my general surfing experience more fun. Back in the good old United States, I realized that the Obama administration is facing challenges after challenges. The jurisdiction of the civilian judge trying the first court case against a Guantanamo detainee is being questioned. Some argue that the accused should be tried in a military court instead of the civilian justice system that currently has jurisdiction. Let’s see how this argument will progress.


Sea Menaces

If you’ll wipe a cartridge full of xerox toner into your body, you can probably be mistaken for a pirate, the type that roams the seas off the Somalian coast. Those guys are still at it today and it just disappoints me that the sea is so vast that so many naval patrols have been unable to scare those people away. I hope that the different armies in the coast would have every square inch of that sea under surveillance 24/7.



I heard that a friend got into trouble when a customer failed to pay for the fashion jewelry that she sold. She was expecting a decent profit but ended up losing badly. Court cases after court cases almost took her down but a good lawyer and a financial adviser helped. They negotiated a settlement with the creditors and my friend was able to bounce back. Good!


Removing Acne Scars

During the seventies, acne scar removal was virtually unheard of. People who suffered from acne scars had to bear with the psychological scars that came with it. Today, there are many ways of treating the superficial imperfection. Light peeling and surgical procedures are now safe, effective and largely affordable that people can now avail of it. Scar removal is not only cosmetic in nature. It allows people to become more confident of their looks and in my workplace, I like nothing better than people who are confident in their looks.

Safety in Diet

Are diet pills safe? This is the question that a lot of people are asking. A few years ago, a scandal broke out in my country after a dangerous substance that can cause brain hemorrhage was found in some diet formulas. The concerned brands were banned for distribution and since then, a number of diet pills came out. There are a lot of effective and safe diet supplements in the market nowadays. The question would therefore be—which ones are safe and effective. In my case, I always ask my doctor before trying anything.


I Love My Canon

Some people just have no class. I was issued an old digital camera by my boss and by force majeure, meaning, natural calamity, it was rendered useless. I bought the latest Canon camera and used it for work. When it was time for me to resign, the cheap and classless guy, w ho without my knowledge took fancy on my nice camera, demanded that I surrender my gadget to them, because of the camera that I lost. I told them that the canon website still advertise my expensive cam in its website and it is too pricey as an equivalent to their antiquated phone. I then told them that I will buy an exact replacement to their old camera and surrender it to them. Ha!

New Office

I am looking for a VeloBind machine for my new office. In the old one, I used the combo bind type and after several years, I have gotten tired of it. Besides, just about every other company uses combo binds. I need to have something different to make my company profiles, business proposals and other documents very professional looking.

Do you think I am doing the right thing or am I overspending?



I found an interesting site called It is a site that talks about L -Carnitine, a popular weight loss ingredient that is now being added to a number of health drinks. The blog talks about the formula and I hope that people will look it up with an open mind. Research is a good way to find the truth and those seeking the truth about L- Carnitine can probably use the site as one of their resources.



Yesterday, I was at the park trying to play baseball when I noticed this guy who had what looked liked eczema treatment symptoms in his hands. I wonder if he owned that bat or if he just borrowed it. I also wonder if eczema is communicable and in what way. Can’t help it.. Ignorance makes a fool out of many people. It’s the same ignorance that makes me scared of it.

Search Here

If you want to learn more about anything at all, I recommend that you search for the needed information through Google. Most of the simple and even technical questions in all fields must have been asked by somebody at some point in another part of the world and at least one must have given the answer. It’s nice that Google is indexing the nice pages and that makes it easier for people who conduct researches to find the answers.

Pirates of the Carribean

There are weight loss pills that work and there are weight loss lifestyles that work just as well. Engaging in deep sea piracy, for instance, is an effective weight loss lifestyle. With the deadly effective French commandoes waiting to pounce on you should you try to touch a French flag and the U.S. Navy Seals increasing their long range shooting proficiency skills while at sea, I will not be surprised if those Somalian pirates would suddenly look thinner than ever.


I figured that if only I don’t have any acne mark, I will probably look ten years younger than what I look like at this point. So kids, treat acne the way it should be done. Consult a doctor and seek for a good remedy. Your doc will probably give you an acne injection and prescribe some over the counter medication. My point is, people should not experiment with acne or pimple medication for facial scars last for a long time and can psychologically scar them.


Getting Insured

The various news stories about recent car insurance companies scared me so much that I saw the need to look for the reputable car insurance companies and renew my policy immediately. Today, a cop in Manila was gunned down by carjackers when he happened to accidentally drive behind a car that they have just stolen. It may not be so likely for most of us to have our cars stolen but there are plenty of dangers around that we should be watchful for. A good insurance will save us from a lot of additional headaches should something happen to our vehicles.


Steel vs. Concrete

For the longest time, the construction industry largely meant lots of cement and reinforcing bars (rebars). Architectural finishes may have changed based on social trends but the cores of most buildings have remained to be based on rebars encased in solid concrete. These days however, metal buildings have risen and I think that it is something worthy of mention in this page. Steel makes a building construction faster and the structure ends up more lightweight and stronger compared to concrete buildings.


Helping A Cousin

I need to take a break from my work. A distraught relative is asking me for help in claiming his dad’s death benefits from all his insurers and the government. While death is inevitable and most often painful for those left behind, having insurance policies somehow spare the immediate family members from the additional burden of having to spend a lot of money to pay for the burial and other expenses. That’s the reason why, I am insured right now.

Take a Break!

Not only private citizens need Branson vacations. Government officials are people too, in case you have forgotten. The president has Camp David, which is maintained as top class retreat facility using government money. The thing is, not everybody has the chance to be at Camp David anytime they wish. Being a very secure facility, I am not really sure if the ordinary civilian or government employee can go there as they wish. Most people however, have the option to go to great vacation destinations like Vegas. For those planning to take a good vacation, I recommend a Branson vacation.


Look for jobs here

In these times of economic despair, I believe that health care jobs will continue to be in demand. Bad times mean more people losing their temper, self confidence and health in general. That means that people that are currently working for the health care system will be in short supply all of a sudden as the claims and emergency cases increase. I suggest that health care jobs be on the top of people’s wish list during these times because it is probably there where they have higher chances of landing jobs.


Save and Work Harder

I ought to start collecting coupons in order to make my money last a little longer. With the global economy still in dire straits, all that we can do is thank the stars that it is not as bad as we thought it would be and that we are still alive and healthy. After that, we have to save our precious resources and spend very little. This should also be followed by plans to make our lives a little easier and more comfortable.


Freakin Pirates!

They terrorize the trading routes and take hundreds of seamen prisoners for months at a time. As a result, world trade is heavily threatened and I will not be surprised if the cost of sea freight and marine insurance would drastically increase.

In their localities however, they become matinee idols. These ugly bastards get to marry the most beautiful maidens in their towns and they get to build the most beautiful houses. It is not unusual therefore, for kids to idolize and try to emulate these rough necks.

What has this world gotten into?


Digital Frames

Just a few years ago, I made a lot of articles about the digital frame and its role as a picture and video frame as well as a family photo album. I have always known that the product will become a hit and I am not mistaken. Even in far away countries, there are now digital frames being sold in electronic shops and it seems to me that people have indeed caught on the concept and has started to discard heavy photo albums in favor of the digital frame.


A Pro's Insurance

If I become a pro golfer, I should be able to get a good term life insurance quotes for I will always be on tour. I will be hoping from one plane to another or getting into bus rides from time to time, in order to get from one tournament to another. It would be a bummer if I will meet a road or plane accident but it would ne a bigger bummer if I will turn out to be sans the protection of a good insurance company.

My Golf Idol

Weight loss products are good for me; I do not want to look like the old John Daly, my idol in golf drives. Even the great John went to docs in order to correct his weight, I should do the same. At this point, my driving distance is close to that of pros. I should practice a bit more and get the services of good teachers and before long, I should be winning local tournaments.

Golf Vs. Tennis

I have been exercising very religiously but it seems that I need some good fat burner supplements. My problem is, my sport is golf and even if I hit the fairways often, there is not enough cardio exercise in the sport that can make me lose a lot of weight fast. I have noticed though that weight loss is also coming but it’s not as heavy as those being shed by people who are into tennis.


Weight Loss For Public Officials

One good thing about being a good public official is that there is very little need for weight loss pills. The work by itself is very stressful, not to mention it being plentiful. I have friends whose dads are public officials and for their fathers, a regular day ends early the following day and the next one starts a couple of hours after. But for most people, the need for regular exercises, dieting and perhaps, weight loss pills is the reality.

Lady Justice Secretary

It has been generally observed that there isn’t much need for hair loss products for women. I say that because I have seen very few bald women in the few decades of existence. However, If you are a woman and in charge of implementing justice in the high crime rate country called the Philippines, You will probably need to look at your hair from time to time and check the need for hair care/ loss products. Good Luck, Secretary De Lima.

A bit of Vanity for Noy

With the high bar of honesty in public service, a hair transplant isn’t the only thing that the balding young president will need. President Noynoy Aquino of the Philipines will need a lot of the best wrinkle cream because of the high corruption levels in the country as well as the fact that he needs a lot of time getting from one place to another. The new president has barred the use of sirens and blinkers and therefore, he will now get caught in traffic unlike the previous leaders of the country.

High Hopes For P-Noy

In the Philippines, there is much hope for the majority of the people after an overwhelmingly popular candidate won. In the public school sector, that is badly in need of school furniture, classrooms and school buildings per se, the election of President Noynoy Aquino makes hundreds of thousands of teachers very optimistic that their dreams would finally come true and that the country’s backlog for materials, infrastructure and teachers will finally be eliminated.


Chicken or Egg, Condom or Kids?

This is quite a chicken or egg situation, if you will ask my opinion. Most people's morality find it unacceptable to teach kids the use of condoms. After all, they're not even supposed to be having sex that early. However, the fact remains that a lot of them do and that comes with the usual pregnancy and STD issues.

If you are a parent or the head of state, what choice will you make? Will you teach the use of contraceptives and safe sex? Or, will you ask them to go blind on this issue, while they are still young?

Related: Schools criticized for giving condoms to kids


People in Pitiful States

I somehow pity those highly paid corporate execs in their designer ties. Those guys are being lambasted by the entire planet for the massive oil leak that has become an environmental disaster and most people all over the world know their names. Of course, a big part of the disaster is their responsibility. However, it is just my nature to pity those who are headed downhill.


Read the Label

I am not fully aware of diet pill side effects but for sure, those who are not into weight loss supplements don’t experience it. For those who are into diet pills or are planning to take one should carefully read the label of the pills that they are planning to take and conduct further research. Anything that enters your system should be fully certified to be safe and beneficial.


Dreaming of the World Cup

With the World Cup currently sweeping the entire planet, I wonder when my country will be able to become a serious contender for the title. With all the refurbished fitness equipment that our athletes are using, I am not sure if we can produce a team that will turn out to be at par with the others. The used equipments is not the issue, actually. It is a symptom of the lack of funding. Refurbished gym equipments works very well but I wonder what else they will send “Second Hand”.



At this point, the best weight loss products differ from one person to another. If you are an Israeli, it is probably a very good weight loss idea to become a spokesperson for the government that ordered the attack on the flotilla bound for Gaza. If you are an activist, the most radical method is probably being a passenger of the flotilla that got involved in the violent arrests.


Shape Up!

To the officers who planned and executed the recent flotilla fiasco, I would recommend that they buy elliptical machines to keep both their minds and bodies in great shape. Their plan made them look like amateurs who planned very clumsily. The event makes me wonder what happened to the military that did the surgical strike in Entebbe. Those guys performed splendidly well unlike their descendants now who seem to fail in most cases.

Wrong wrong move..

The Israelis who chose the kind of attack on the Gaza bound flotilla should take weight loss supplements regularly. They must be heavy with cholesterol that they were not able to think correctly. Whatever the conditions of that time were, the end shows that they made the wrong move. Ten dead activists makes the incident look like a heavy firefight. The thing is, it wasn’t. It was more like a crowd control operation that turned into a massacre.

Hot Headed People

It seems that we need more Obama’s as world leaders. Unlike some who are very hot headed, that guy needs no cholesterol treatments for he is very healthy. Israel’s leaders blundered politically by sending a poor tactician to handle the flotilla of ships trying to slip through the Gaza blockade. There needed to be no death on the part of the activists. The Israelis should have made a good risks assessment and decided to simply disable the ships. Instead, they sent a boarding party on a heavily populated ship and what happened was a disaster.

More Cancer From US Cigs


Leader's Clothing

It is quite unusual for presidents to be seen wearing round necked shirts and jeans. Most of the time, they are in their business suits and during not so formal times, they wear men's polo shirts under a business jacket. Presidents are not supposed to wear very rugged attire, even if they are in ground breaking ceremonies. Just because they will be in construction sites, doesn’t mean that they should look like a street punk. A construction worker’s uniform would be the most acceptable alternative to that formal suit.


Poor Seafarers?

I hope that seafarers would still be eligible for competitive health insurance quotes. With the Somali pirates continuing to terrorize the seas, I am afraid that insurance companies would start to increase premium rates if not totally refuse to insure our heroes of the sea. Life as a seaman is very tough and lonely. It is therefore unthinkable for those people to lose interest in their jobs because of refusal of insurance companies to cover them.


Mar's Woes

In the Philippines, one should gift vice presidential candidate Mar Roxas with a bottle of wrinkle cream. Following the leader with a difference of about 700 thousand votes, there is hope of an eventual upset. However, the gap is not very small and with it remaining the same since the day of the polls, the stress that results can be a killer for the people in his team.


In Thailand, the television is a good appetite suppressant in this season of street turmoil. In other places however, people turn to generic Phentermine for cheap appetite suppressants. According to Wikipedia, as of press time, Phentermine is an “approved as an appetite suppressant to help reduce weight in obese patients when used short-term and combined with exercise, diet, and behavioral modification.” Approved? That means it’s a good formula!

Thailand Street Violence

In Thailand, there can be no better type of appetite suppressants than the television. There is this Red General, a two starrer who has taken the side of anti government demonstrators who stuck by a sniper’s bullet while being interviewed. Televisions broadcast gory scenes from the street and wounded and bloody bodies being carried and attended to is a regular fare.

Technical Writers Today

Yahoo has just published a list of high paying but low stressed jobs and in it is the position of technical writer. A technical writer starts the day by moving from his bed and settles comfortably into his patio cushions, drink a cup of coffee and types away. Such a work is indeed stress free. However, it can be bad for the human body that seldom exerts any effort all day long.


Who would have thought..

I’ll put it in shipping boxes and send it to them!

I was once kidding a friend during a high school lunch. He stopped eating with his tray still half full and I reminded him of the starving kids in poor countries who had nothing to eat. His reply was, “I’ll pack it in shipping… ..send it to them!” Such a nerve coming from a high school friend but now, several years later, that young man has now turned into a UN volunteer working in poor countries.


Noriega Extradited to France

As I was typing my last post, I read a headline on CNN that former Panamian dictator, Noriega was extradited to France. The guy served his sentence in a US jail after which, he was extradited to France to stand trial for another case. I wonder what the verdict will be. Wikipedia has a handful of info about the guy and if you are wondering who Noriega is, look it up.

Do What You Love

I am thinking of shifting to a new job. I think that I will make good money by blogging reviews like nuphedragen reviews, for instance. Of course, I will only write about things that I have personally tried and the reviews will be fair and coming straight from the heart. Will I really do it? Why not? Do what you love doing and you will prosper.

Info Age?

If you are looking for supplements, click here for more information. Years ago, I was shown small booklets that sold for 7 pieces to a dollar. The booklets contained information about various items like vitamins, grammar, basic computing, etc.. The guy who showed me the booklet correctly predicted that this is the information age and people are hungry for lots of knowledge. But now, people don’t buy those booklets anymore. A few key strokes in the PC and overwhelming info comes pouring in.


Oh no!

It’s been four months since Christmas and I am yet to stop eating. You can just imagine the amount of weight that I gained. It is therefore not surprising for people to find out that I am in desperate search for the best diet pills in the market. Weight gain is such a big deal for most people as they age. Of course, this is not the story when they were in their teens.


Yep, It;s True!

In most countries around the world, looking for an unlocked phone is not easy compared to when one is in the Philippines. In Manila for instance, phone manufacturers sell phones that are not locked to any carrier. This is on top of neighborhood establishments that offer unlocking services to just about anyone and any phone brand. Of course, there are legal implications to some unlocking services but for most of the clients getting their phones unlocked, their situations are perfectly legal.


Clean Energy

I have always believed that ellipticals and other types of gym equipments can be used to create clean energy. I have seen a jail research project in the Philippines where a stationary bike was modified to become a car battery charger. If that is the case, it will not be difficult to create thread mills and other gym devices that will provide clean energy to households.


Those Devils Of The Sea

For the fat Somalian pirates, no amount of colon and body cleanse is going to rid their souls of the fact that they are feeding on the suffering of poor sailors and their families. Those rascals are also feeding on the hunger of people who suffer for failing to receive much needed food and economic goods because their vessels have been hijacked.

How about Laxatives?

It seems that a lot of local merchants are getting fat in Somalia. The reason? They are making good money by financing Piracy. These guys would raise heaven and hell just to be able to get their hands to some adipex p. If I were a vessel owner, I would ship laxatives to these people, the kind that is potent for weeks. That should somehow teach them that whoever their gods are, they are being watched and will be punished.

Dealing with Pirates

In this site, I have dedicated countless posts regarding piracy in the high seas. In most instances, the post focused on Somalian pirates that are terrorizing most of the worlds merchant vessels. I wonder, if instead of paying these people ransom money, what if the vessel owners simply offer discounted eczema treatments? They may call it insulting but that should be the way people should deal with lawless elements.


Looking Back

The term door hardware is quite special for me, more than most people in the construction industry. It is because, about a decade ago, I was in the construction industry working as an architectural hardware consultant. Those days were difficult on the first year. But after that, it was a breeze. I became quite good in it and I got plenty of satisfied clients. I am in a totally difficult industry now but I still look back at those days with happiness in my heart.


What Are You?

Whether you are a tourist in the Maldives, an American in Iraq or Afghanistan or a mountain climber in Mount Everest, there is no denying the fact that you need life insurance. People, even in what most people think are the safest places in the planet still need a fund that will help them when emergencies come. During the times of need, personal money always seem to be not enough


Fat Capone?

I wonder, was Capone so fat and in need of weight loss products during his final days in jail? Perhaps. Perhaps not. Prison life can be largely composed of hard labor or solitary confinement. Perhaps, Capone was largely in solitary. That’s what I’ll do if I want him out of touch with his generals, lieutenants and everybody else that can help him further his worthless cause.

A Fit Barak!

Watching Amanpour on CNN, I saw Israel’s Barak arguing for sanctions against Iran. I thought the guy looked he lost some weight and looks very healthy. It’s good to see politicians losing weight and looking very fit. It gives the impression that they are really working and that work and public service had served as an all natural fat burner. This is in so much contrast to fat politicians that I wrote about in this blog a few times. I want to skewer them like kebabs!


When I was a little kid, I also took my share of multivitamins for vertical growth, strength, mass and generally good health. Perhaps, it worked. But there are people who took a lot but remained shorter than their preferred heights. Well, there are some things that can’t be explained by Science at this stage. Eventually, a lot of things will come to light and it will only be then when we can start doing things the right way. let’s invest in scientific research.

Growing Taller

I have some vertically challenged friends who are in search for the best human growth hormone. Not that I am very tall myself but there are just some of us who feels they deserve more share of the vertical space. I believe that life is good for most of us despite all our problems. There are some however, who wants more from this world and they will move heaven and earth to attain it. It’s not really bad, in my opinion. Of course, it depends on a lot of things.


Fearsome Creature!

The other blog’s funny post about Chuck Norris seems to further immortalize one of America’s ultimate action/ martial arts heroes. But mind you, despite his age, a possibility that Chuckie ol’ man would be going after your hide should be more than enough reason to bring intense fear into your whole body. It will require good wrinkle filler to make the fear go away, from one’s face. Go Chuck Norris, Take em' down!


Be Practical

With the economy continuing to move downwards, people should always be on the lookout for the Best Buy of all the items that they need. Best buy means not only the cheapest but also the most practical items. One should learn how to identify multipurpose products (like the multipurpose flour) in order to prevent them from buying things redundantly. Now, that’s being practical.


Mr T!

The economic crisis may be bad for the automobile industry but not as dire for firms selling items that come with automobiles. jeep accessories, for instance, will continue to sell since it is not as expensive as new automobiles. Oh, I just found out that industry leader Toyota, the “Mr T” of the industry is also in bad shape because of the massive recall of a couple of its models. It tarnished its glossy reputation and that is a ray of hope for its compatitors.

Itchy Situation

Floyd Mayweather, Jr, his dad- Floyd Sr. and his uncle trainer must be suffering from an allergy called Manny Pacquiao. They are largely being blamed for the cancellation of the great fight and now, they are also being accused of libel and the amount being asked is not really small. These guys should sleep on top of allergy mattress covers in order to get some quiet time. Being sued big time by somebody with expensive lawyers should make one continuously itchy.


Nothing like Natural

At least, Osama needs any synthetic or natural fat burners. The constant hopping along the rocky and mountainous terrains in the Border area should be enough to keep him in shape. This is in addition to the constant threat of Predator planes that are armed with Hellfire Missiles. The simple knowledge that quiet and powerful planes can hit one’s rear from several kilometers above should be enough to generate massive sweating.

Sleepless Nights

Years of stress and lack of sleep has created dark shadow under my eyes. This reminds me of Osama Bin Laden, who because of the huge bounty for his head, must be in a worse shape compared to me. He probably needs a ton of the best under eye cream every night in order to remedy that. The Predator drones seem to have concentrated its attacks along the Afghan – Pakistani border and if Osama is hiding there, he’s better be very careful.

Sleepless Nights

Years of stress and lack of sleep has created dark shadow under my eyes. This reminds me of Osama Bin Laden, who because of the huge bounty for his head, must be in a worse shape compared to me. He probably needs a ton of the best under eye cream every night in order to remedy that. The Predator drones seem to have concentrated its attacks along the Afghan – Pakistani border and if Osama is hiding there, he’s better be very careful.


Think for a bit

Those planning to donate relief goods to Haiti should pause for a short bit and rethink the assortment of goods that they will buy. While Christian Louboutin shoes are really nice, the refugees do not need it now. I also like anti wrinkle creams but people there can have better use for food. Let us not send unnecessary goods there. Let us spend our monies widely and help the people effectively. Ciao!

Bike Accidents

Those residing in my area can make good use of the services of a good motorcycle accident attorney. The number of motorbikes in my area has steadily increased through the years due to the better affordability of the two wheeled vehicle. Bike related accidents however, have also significantly increased since then. This is perhaps due to automobile drivers not being used to living with so many bikes around them or perhaps, it is because of lack of road knowledge of most bike riders. But maybe, the truth lies in between the two.



According to the CIA, Osama Bin Laden may look like any of the sketches below.

It is also possible that he shaved himself in order to confuse the people who are looking for him.

He therefore, might look like the photo below.

Go get him, Tiger!!!


A Bit Anxious

Now that another year has passed, it is time to start renewing a lot of contracts. I am a bit anxious at what the new life insurance rates will be. With the past year being more than stressful to most of us, and this coming months promising to be no better than the past, I am afraid that my policies will mostly be more expensive that last years.