Summer Dreaming

The term panama city beach Florida reminds me of fun loving and Spanish speaking people who all seem to look good in beach attire. Many films have been inspired by beaches and now, even some of the more popular television programs have beach settings. CSI Miami, for instance, never fails to show shapely people in the beaches sipping pinacolada. In this cold month, the idea of being in a warm beach seems to be the best dream of all.


Funny Crook!

Does acne treatment cost that much? A helmet clad pickpocket on a motorcycle was nabbed by cops and he begged for clemency saying he only wanted some cosmetic cure. When they took his head gear off, they saw a pimple and acne infested face. It actually looked more of acne that grew a face. Funny but true. The guy looked quite terrible but still, it does not give him any excuse to become anything other than a law abiding citizen.