Business Insurance

Another casualty of the floods is thousands of laptop computers in consumer homes as well as supplier’s warehouses. In my belief, warehouses in the low lying areas that got hit are so badly damaged and will probably have to encash on their insurance premiums. I am not sure though if existing policies cover natural disasters. In my experience, normal warehouse coverage included only fire and theft. I hope the suppliers were not so badly hit. In the end, the losses will have to be carried by the buying public.



In the country where I live, I saw how a dark circle of lazy gentlemen extort money from legit businessmen. The modus operandi was simple. They bar deliveries from ever leaving a warehouse until the owner agrees to part ways with his hard earned money. In my very uneducated opinion, the method is nothing short of extortion. It is no different from the thugs in slum areas who demand money in exchange for people’s passage.