An Offer That I Cannot Refuse

With the renewal of my car registration, I started searching for the best offer from insurance companies. I am not sure if I communicated myself well but an agent sent me a life insurance quote. It wasn’t so bad however, since I read the proposal and eventually decided to get the policy. It was a good thing for the lucky agent that I had time to read the obviously wrong proposal. At the end of the day, one just cannot turn down a good offer.

Steam those walls!

For those residing in areas that were hit by the massive floods, consider using Ladybug vapor steam cleaner. Walls and other surfaces may have been badly stained by floods and had become difficult to clean up. The steam cleaners will take out the mud and steam and perhaps, even rid the place of most of the harmful germs that had gotten embedded in the porous surfaces.

Get Insured!

Speaking of catastrophes, I am reminded that it is once again time for me to check out bcbsnc for the renewal of my health plans. With force majeure hitting us at monstrous magnitudes, having health and property insurance is an idea that had become very wise. Life is short and let us not waste it by working so hard just so we can have something to pay for our bills. Get insured

Storms, storms and more storms

Since the storm made a wreck of my laminated walls and flooring, I am now thinking of installing stainless steel tiles as replacements. These series of bad incidents are thought of by people to be consequences of bad environmental stewardship by the private sector as well as poor leadership by corrupt and negligent governments of so many countries. Let’s do something to reverse the trend before it becomes too late.


Christmas is Coming

Growing up in a place without pine trees, we only had an artificial christmas tree for several years. It was only later on when I had the fortune of spending Christmas overseas, when I had my first natural pine tree. Because of better trade routes and relaxed tariffs, my family finally had the first natural tree imported from the US. The smell and feel of a real tree makes the trouble worthwhile but without one, a good artificial tree serves the purpose.


Needed: Help for Household Pets

With so much human suffering brought about by the typhoons that hit the Philippines and the quakes and tsunami that devastated Sumatra and American Samoa, it is quite easy to overlook the needs of our pets that are also suffering. pet supplements are also badly needed to restore animals back to their good health, both physically and mentally. Without good supplements, animals that are cold and in unfamiliar territory (evacuation centers) can get very sickly and can even pass on their illnesses to humans.

Flooding in Manila

The typhoon that hit the Philippines gave rise to the demand for the electric blanket. October in the Philippines is more or less the start of cooler nights. With so much rainfall and strong winds, one cannot help but feel cold at night. With thousands of people temporarily homeless because of the heavy flooding, the need for warm blankets cannot be underestimated. There simply is a lot of people in need of warmth.