The Xbox

The xbox 360 is todays gadget of choice. Of course, there are new brands that are threatening to take away such distinction but it will not be that easy to overtake the leader who at this point, had already sold a lot. I however, appreciate the challenge being posed by the competitors. Because of them, prices have gone down a bit and the qualities of games have improved. I hope however, that the prices will continue to drop.

Battle of the Bulge

I really do not know how to deal with my belly fat. It used to be so easy but I guess, age has caught up with me and I have to work harder to regain my previous state. Exercise used to do it for me and even when I was already working, simple diet reductions or momentary addiction to Atkins diet used to do the trick. This time however, all of those do not seem to work.


In countries where a lot of people are poor, there never fails to exist those who are filthy filthy rich… An engineer once told me that the outdoor furniture covers that was used by one of his clients was so expensive that he cannot even afford to but swatches of those cloths and sew them to become his shirt.

Why do some people starve when there is enough resource to feed the world?