Secure Thyself!

In this day of economic e uncertainty, the demand for motorhome insurance has gone up by seven folds. A lot of homes are being taken over by the banks and other lending institutions and a lot of people have shifted to motor homes as their primary residences. While we hope not to fall as victims of some of our desperate brothers, let us prepare for the possibility of theft or vandalism that may occur. Get an insurance. It may be your only safeguard for any eventuality.

A Salary Man On A Diet

With my search for effective and safe weight loss pills now in full speed, I have read close to a hundred reviews made by various “authorities “ on the subject matter, as well as a number of supposed testimonials. The problem however remains. I am yet to find a drug store that can regularly supply me with what I need. I am a travelling salesman, in my current post and I need to find good suppliers all over the world.

Harsh Realization

French President Nicolas Sarkozy’s recent collapse, hospitalization and release made me rethink my diet and fitness plans. I have now included diet pills that work in my list of items to consider. Gym workout needs plenty of time and religious devotion and food intake programming is not as easy as it sounds. I am therefore in need of a new option and the search for safe diet pills have now been added to my daily google list.



January to June Balance Of payments (BOP) surplus reaches $2.216 billion. This country, which has very rarely experienced BOP surplus, is still at it as of now. Let's hope that all poor countries experience this, especially at times like this.

Here are some excerpts:

- Manila's successful $750 million global bond sale this week and strong remittance inflows could push up the balance of payments surplus to $1 billion this year, the central bank said, higher than its original $700 million surfeit estimate for 2009. [ID:nMNA000302]

- The Philippines had a balance of payments surplus of $89 million in 2008, the lowest in four years, after a record $8.58 billion surplus in 2007.

- The central bank expects remittances in 2009 to match the previous year's $16.4 billion. But central bank Governor Amando Tetangco has said the bank's forecast is conservative since inflows have held up well despite the global downturn.

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Kutcher's Promise

Much has been written about the wealth of today’s business and political leaders from the Timex wearing George Bush to the pro bono and unintentional Patek Phillipe endorser Vlad Putin to those with a penchant for Rolex studded with loose diamonds.

However, articles of equal quantity, were also written about these leaders and the charities that they support. One gesture worth writing about is the recent contest between Ashton Kutcher and CNN on who will be able to reach One million Twitter followers first. Kutcher won by promising to people that he will donate 10,000 mosquito bed nets to charity should he make it.