The amount of excess weight in my body had become so unbearable that exercise is now at the top of my list. However, I am scared of suddenly hitting the elliptical for I have not had any serious workout for at least three years and I am in present danger of suffering from a heart attack. I

t is for this reason that I started playing golf. Oh my, it’s nice!

The governor's beach home

What now, another governor sex scandal? Not again!!!

This week, a US governor that was deemed missing turned out to have visited a mistress in Argentina. After a televised apology, he visited his family, who had kicked him out. As I watch the footage of his family beach home, I am reminded of the Outer Banks rentals place that is very affordable and yet as elegant as the rich governor’s. I hope to be able to visit the place again. I have been working for many months since the start of this year and I feel that I deserve a break.


Bye Michael

The other day, it would not have been unusual to see so many faces bent down on their zero radius sinks and have water running into their eyes. The demise of Michael Jackson came so sudden that people were totally not expecting it. Michael is just fifty years old and the end was a long way down the road, for most people, at least. But not for the king. Like Elvis, he left so sudden. Maybe, that’s the way kings leave.


A word of caution

With this industry now as big as a few billion dollars a year, not a few people ask what is the strongest diet pill?

The link contains a lot of information that will benefit people looking for that miracle supplement that will help them get back to shape and attain good health.

On February of this year, published an article warning the public against possibly harmful diet supplements. Tests have shown that some brands are tainted with prescription drugs and most of all, diet supplements are not regulated by the FDA. Take care fellows. Study your options and more.. seek your doctor's opinion.




Horrendous it may sound like, but this in no way glorifies the man who sent hundreds of thousands, if not millions of people to their deaths.

Here it is, full color photos of Hitler from his fellow Nazi and personal photographer.


Citizens Defense Against DWI Charges

In the state of Texas and perhaps, in most other states, a person charged with Driving While Intoxicated (DWI) needs to request for a hearing within fifteen (15) days of the arrest in order to avoid getting slapped with a suspension oh his/her drivers license.

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