Battle with the Bulge

Just had dinner today and oh boy, Chinese food really rocks! If only I can get my hands on some appetite suppressants that work, I would not have the midsection that I have now. I have gained more weight during the past few months than I have accumulated during the last three years combined. This battle of the bulge is getting more difficult as I get older. I need to use more artillery to be able to win this time.

How's Noriega?

My girlfriend’s microdermabrasion appointment reminds me of the former Panama strongman Manuel Noriega. The guy has acne marks in his face that his enemies referred to him as “Pineapple face”. The guy was arrested and extradited to the US on charges related to drug trafficking, money laundering and many others. His sentenced ended sometime on October 2007 but pending extradition requests from France and Panama, he remains in a US jail to this day.

Plagues Plagues Plagues

I thought, mesothelioma would be the sickness of the decade. I thought that people would be talking about it everywhere, leading to reforms in the way workers is exposed to various illnesses. However, that is not to happen, at least at this time. The Swine or whatever you call it flu virus, is to threaten humanity like no other and once more, people are in great danger from deadly plagues. let’s hope that we will be able to breeze through this.

Deserving Some Rest

This weekend, I feel like staying at the Stratosphere hotel. Having travelled halfway across the globe, the need to get myself voluntarily quarantined tops my list. I am feeling no fever symptom but still, I have to go through this. After the home quarantine, I will probably check in the hotel and get myself some peace and quiet time, reading a book.


Circuit City in the Philippines

The current Red Cross debacle in the Abu Sayaff infested region reminds me of the Circuit City where I buy my electronics and entertainment needs but also, the Go kart circuit near my place of work. In a Go cart circuit. I feel that the place is nothing a few square meters of track but the chase doesn’t seem to end. The race becomes monotonous after a few laps but the race nonetheless needs to go on. In the Abu Sayaff country, the place is also just a few thousand hectares but the soldiers can’t seem to find the enemy despite having been around it several times. Of course, reality is a lot more complicated than theory but I just can’t help but feel disappointed.