Will The Trial Of the Somali Pirate help Curb Piracy?

Here's what will happen.

The pirate will be given free calls to his comrades and relatives and here is how the conversation will go:

Mama/Comrades: Hi Mate, How are you there?

Pirate: So great!!!!

Mama/Comrades: What do you mean?

Pirate: The prisons here are much better than the big houses back home. There's running water, airconditioning, gym, etc.. Oh, did I mention the food? They even have so called balanced diet in here. If this is the destination of all arrested pirates, i'd go for it again, anytime!!!


Older, Wiser, Sexier!

The words Solo Slim reminds me of one of the great thinkers of our time. Rita Levi Montalcini is a Nobel prize winner in the field of medicine, 100 years old, very much alive, sharper than ever and most importantly, very fit. She claims to be much more intelligent and sharper than she was at the age of 20. due to the fact that she has accumulated more experiences and has learned a lot more.

I used to think that if I will live to become very old, I would want to be just like Hugh Heffener. But upon reading about Rita Montalcini, I realized that there is actually a better model to follow.

Cheers! Salud, Signora Levi!


Take a Walk!

A look at a site offering MBT shoes reminds me of the days when I was in grade school. In the boys school where I come from, everyone spoke about NBA legends of our time and those guys seemed to wear the same pair. Nowadays, it’s quite different and competition seemed to have taken everything a notch higher. Nowadays, basketball shoes look different from the ones people wear when on casual stroll and there seems to be specialized pairs for different purposes.

A Random Thought

Renovating a house can get costlier than necessary. The desire to come up with a better home comes with the want to upgrade furniture and other home gadgets. Like in my house, for instance, we are now looking for Kettlebell exercise dumbells in order to give our modest gym a new look and to inspire us to workout a bit harder. Weird, huh?

Spoting Somalian Pirates

With all the money being made by Somalian pirates, it will not be surprising if we will soon find out that there are letters of credits being (made from that country) for container loads of the diet pill after they have read a nuphedra review. Those pirates who make millions of dollars by having their captive cargo vessels and crew ransomed, must be a rarity in the country. they must be among the very few fat people in that country.



The problem with some countries is that they always refuse to cooperate for the greater good, period!

They only do when dire consequences have already been imposed and that kinda pisses me off.

Take for example the recent blacklist issued by the OECD. They imposed sanctions against countries that are continuing to act as safe havens of money being laundered by drug lords, dictators and corrupt officials of various governments and other types of dirty money.

Because of such states, dictators and drug lords continue to be in business. Let's hope that that the rest of the globe act in harmony and weed out these channels of corruption, murder and societal decay. Otherwise, this century will be marked by the triumph of evil.


Auctions Galore!

These period of economic slowdown has made a lot companies resort to unloading of company assets. In addition, a lot of firms engaged in production of various products items are left with a lot of unsold items. Because of that, wholesale auctions of both brand new and used products are all over and for people with money, this is a good time to buy.

Less Food Does Not Equate to Lesser Weight

It seems that several days in captivity cannot be included in the list of the best diet pills ever. The recently released volunteer of the International Committee of the Red Cross seems to look well on television and it looks that she hasn’t lost weight. I am actually expecting to find somebody who looks very frail after a long stay at the jungle but that is not what I see on TV. Of course, her psychological condition may be different. Good counseling should commence together with her debriefing in order to minimize the long term impact of the ordeal.